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AMC announced 'Better Call Saul' to premiere in November

AMC announced on Jan. 11 that "Better Call Saul" will premiere on November. "Better Call Saul" is a spin off series of "Breaking Bad". It is written as a prequel to "Breaking Bad" and tells the story of how the great lawyer, Saul Goodman came to be the lawyer for Walter White.

AMC announced 'Better Call Saul' to premiere in November

Bob Odenkirk will reprise his role of Saul and it has been verified that there will be lots of guest stars. There will be scenes of characters before "Breaking Bad" and it has even been mentioned that there will be some flash forwards after "Breaking Bad". It may even cover some of the original shows events as well.

The guest stars will almost be weekly according to Vince Gilligan who described it as a comedy drama with guest stars like "Love Boat". It relieved upon popular celebrities of the time to brin up ratings. But, they were not positive about whom at this time because it's not always possible to get everyone that they want when they want it.

It will air on a Sunday in November; the exact date has not been released yet.

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