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Ambitious alliance launches campaign to change the world by 2014

FOUR YEARS. GO. An ambitious campaign to change the world by 2014
FOUR YEARS. GO. An ambitious campaign to change the world by 2014
Courtesy of FOUR YEARS. Go.

FOUR YEARS. GO. (FYG) is a new initiative with a simple yet ambitious mission: To create a collective sense of urgency and action in the next four years that can positively impact the quality of life for the following 1,000 years.

The Pachamama Alliance, in partnership with Wieden + Kennedy, P:5Y (Peace in Five Years), the 2020 Fund, and more than 450 allied organizations are leading a global campaign intended to shift humanity onto a sustainable, just and fulfilling path by 2014.

There is no FYG master plan, rather a statement to foster a self-organizing, emerging open-space of collaboration and creativity among individuals, NGOs, companies and communities, and for participants to catalyze a newly vibrant world of wildly diverse and inspired initiatives to co-create a transformed human future.

FYG promises to provide resources that will empower an authentic global conversation and catalyze the prevailing sense of urgency into creative, effective action, including: Research and recommendations of highest leverage initiatives for organizations; Metrics for measuring progress and success; and technology, both hard (digital information exchange) and soft (transformative social methodologies), that fosters large-scale interactive communication and that manages collaboration to produce synergistic outcomes.

FYG asks individuals to take three steps now:

  • Take three minutes to watch its video and learn more;
  • Log in and declare your actions toward creating a better world by 2014;
  • Take part in a Social Media Crash Course and Online Rally beginning Thursday, March 18th.

Learn more about the founding partners or sign up today.



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