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Amber Rose’s sunglasses top abundance of cleavage with Billboard Twitter buzz

Amber Rose sunglasses looked as if she might be welding later on in the evening!
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Amber Rose both wowed and amused her fans when she walked the red carpet Sunday night donning humongous sunglasses that looked custom-made for a welder. The traditional fashion talk of plunging necklines and an overabundance of cleavage fell by the wayside in the virtual world during the Billboard Music Awards. It was Rose’s wrap-around shaded eyewear that buzzed that coveted top spot for fashion on the social networks, like Twitter, according to MTV on May 19.

The glasses worn by Wiz Khalifa’s wife covered half her face and oddly complimented her husband’s gangsta-style attire. Above her shoulders, everything about Amber Rose’s appearance was drastic, almost alien-looking at first glance. USA Today reports that "many on Twitter" compared her sunglasses to the "face-covering visor worn by disgraced former Clippers owner Donald Sterling's ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano."

Strolling down the red carpet with her shaven blonde head, pitch black lipstick and those futuristic sun glasses, she was not about to blend in with the typical crowd of divas. Below the neck, she didn’t wear a thing that could be called gaudy, revealing or even mildly flamboyant.

Her outfit was basic black and somewhat simple with very clean cuts. She was neatly put together, but some might say her choice of apparel was a bit bland in comparison to her eyewear.

In a sea of cleavage and racy outfits, this diva moved to the head of the class with a gigantic pair of sunglasses that she kept on through the entire Billboard Awards show. No one knows if she was wearing makeup under her glasses, except for maybe Wiz.

MTV reports the sunglasses that sparked Twitter to “freak out” came from “Pharrell’s Moncler collaboration NBD.” The observations shared in tweets were more on the comical side as opposed to people wanting to know where to run out and get a pair of those shades. The consensus of the tweets seemed to indicate that this would not be a fashion trend to go viral anytime soon.

As neat and put together as his wife’s attire was, Wiz went in the other direction looking rough and ready from the waist down, wearing torn black jeans. The tails of his clean white dress shirt hung below his short white jacket. The gold chains and jewelry were noticeable on Wiz, but nothing that would rival the likes of Mr. T. or Flavor Flav in their prime.

The couple posed for pictures and didn’t sway from their stern facial expressions for any length of time during the music event. If Amber Rose’s sunglasses were any bigger for the occasion then the headlines today might have reported on “Amber Rose’s face shield!”

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