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Amber Rose channels Rose McGowan’s fashion; awful VMAs dress reveals underwear

Amber Rose the worst dressed at the VMAs?
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MTV

Amber Rose walked on the red carpet of the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and the first thing people thought of was Rose McGowan. Amber Rose was with her husband Wiz Khalifa, but her outfit reminded everyone of a past MTV VMAs where fashion went horribly wrong. According to Just Jared on Sunday, the Amber Rose provided the first fashion shocker of the evening, in an incredibly revealing string dress. Yes, she was practically naked.

How revealing? So revealing that everyone could easily see her underwear from the front and it was definitely an intentional fashion move. The dress was strings of materials that flapped in the wind as she moved.

The reflection on the VMAs fashion has everyone thinking about Rose McGowan who wore a shameless dress exposing her derriere at the MTV Music Awards with Marilyn Manson in 1998. Way before Miley Cyrus’ time, it was one of the most revealing gowns ever seen on the red carpet and it offended a lot of people. With Amber Rose’s fashion, people weren't too surprised as they had seen in before (even if it was another variation) and it wasn't as crazy as the first time.

One thing for sure, no matter how viewers felt about the dress Amber Rose wore, she is one hot model in any fashion. The celebrity was in perfect form. She offered a look at her body and she didn't mind who took a look past the skimpy dress as she was confident enough to know she looked sexy.

Will Amber Rose’s fashion be declared the worst at the VMAs red carpet? It would be surprising if it wasn't as the star was nearly naked and offered little in the terms of fashion.

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