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Amber Portwood uses a selfie for her tell-all book cover

Amber Portwood followed a social media trend when deciding on the cover for her new book.

In the next few months, the former "Teen Mom" star is set to release her first book, a tell-all, and on the cover is a selfie.

“In writing this book I had to step back and really take a look at my actions and life both before and after my jail time,” Portwood explained to Radar Online on July 24. “I wanted to incorporate a selfie onto the Never Too Late book cover because I thought it was symbolic of the journey I had to take when writing the book.”

According to reports, Portwood began writing her book years ago, but really got down to business during her 15-month prison stint, which ended in Nov. 2013. As fans might recall, Portwood was sentence to five years behind bars after failing to complete a court-ordered rehab program. In June 2012, Portwood, with Gary Shirley at her side, entered prison, telling Dr. Drew she felt there was no other way to kick her drug habit than by doing hard time.

“The selfie has become so mainstream that everyone can relate to it and my story and journey is one that a lot of people can relate to,” Portwood added of her book.

“It’s a brutally honest account of how bad my life got,” Portwood told In Touch magazine of the tell-all, via Radar Online. “Addiction. Mental illness. Death. Divorce. Betrayal. Violence. Suicide attempts. Felony charges. Rehab. Drug overdoses. Jail. I’m going to tell you how it all happened.”

No word yet on an exact release date for Portwood's new book, "Never Too Late."

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