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Amber Portwood thanks fans for getting her through the hard times

'Teen Mom' star Amber Portwood shares a post-prison selfie.
Amber Portwood/Twitter

Amber Portwood struggled with drugs for years prior to entering prison on a five-year-sentence in 2012. However, once she was incarcerated, the former "Teen Mom" made it a point to get clean -- and to get the tools needed to stay that way.

Still, sobriety is a long road and comes with ups and downs, which Amber experienced over the weekend.

According to a March 24 report by Wetpaint Entertainment, Amber recently went through a hard day in her sobriety.

"Is it possible to be this bored? Not good for me...can't wait for tomorrow," Amber wrote on Twitter on March 23.

For addicts, it is important to stay busy and stay focused, otherwise, negative thoughts and even actions can take place, so it's not surprising to hear that Amber didn't like being bored. Luckily, she got a little support from her brother and her fans and made it through just fine.

Hours later, Amber returned to Twitter where she thanked her fans for getting her through the difficult time. "Thank you guys for helping me through this hard day..sending so much love back!" she wrote. "Goodnight and sweetest of dreams."

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