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Amber Portwood slams Jenelle Evans for being "immature," "irresponsible"

'Teen Mom' star Amber Portwood talks to Dr. Drew in an MTV special.
'Teen Mom' star Amber Portwood talks to Dr. Drew in an MTV special.

Amber Portwood is not impressed with her fellow Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans, of Teen Mom 2.

In a new interview, Amber is speaking out, slamming Jenelle for getting pregnant again, despite not having custody of her first child, four-year-old Jace, and claiming that she couldn't possibly have her addiction under control.

“It’s not like you can wake up one day and be like ‘Hey, I’m clean,’” Portwood told In Touch Weekly on March 5.

Addiction is a lifelong disease, and without regular treatment, is something that could result in relapse, and possibly even death.

Although Jenelle used to claim that she was going to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings, she came clean at the end of the year, telling her fans on Twitter that she couldn't possibly go to NA meetings because she's simply too famous.

The argument didn't hold up then, as many celebrities all around the country (including Russell Brand Jason Segal, and Amanda Bynes) go to meetings regularly and have never had their secrets exposed, and it isn't holding up with Amber.

But that's not her only issue. She's also got a problem with Jenelle's pregnancy.

“You have one child you need to think about before you have another,” she said, adding that the "immature" and "irresponsible" Teen Mom 2 star could benefit from jail time.

“As scary as it seems, it would change her life for the better,” she said.

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