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Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley feud on Twitter?

'Teen Mom' star Amber Portwood shares a post-prison selfie.
Amber Portwood/Twitter

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley are getting readjusted to their co-parenting lifestyles.

Although Shirley was the sole provider for Leah Shirley, 4, while Portwood completed her stint in prison, she's been on since Nov. 2013, and as time goes on, she's gaining more and more time with her daughter.

From the looks of things, Portwood and Shirley have been getting along great, but on March 31, Wetpaint Entertainment reported that Portwood recently told Shirley off.

Fortunately, it wasn't in an aggressive manner. Instead, the two engaged in some friendly online banter on Twitter.

Over the weekend, Portwood was casually chatting back and forth with a few of Shirley's friends, who suggested they meet her. Everything seemed quite cordial, but then, Shirley inserted himself into the conversation, suggested his female friend "shave her musty aka mustache!" before she meets up with Portwood.

In response to Shirley's seemingly harsh message, Portwood wrote, "What the crap just happened? I'm confused … be nice!" Then, when Shirley explained the woman's mustache "means business," all Portwood could say was, "Wow just wow."

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