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Amber Lynn Nicol to enter studio to record 3rd CD in March

ST. PETERSBURG - Tampa Bay based Singer/Songwriter, Amber Lynn Nicol, is currently preparing to enter the recording studio to record her 3rd release, and 2nd full-length album, When The Sun Goes Down.

Amber Lynn Nicol
Amber Lynn Nicol
Nikki Czarnecki
Amber Lynn Nicol
Amber Lynn Nicol

Following the release of her first full-leangth CD, Broader Horizons (Jerzey Girl Music), in late 2012, Nicol has spent much of 2013 touring and performing all across the United States. With stops in California, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Arizona, just to name a few, Nicol has performed over 130 shows in 2013 alone.

“You guys and gals [Nicol’s fans] are the reason I was able to record my last album, "Broader Horizons." Thank you so much! 2013 was a HUGE year! I got my first royalty checks, grew as a songwriter and as a person ... made so many new friends across the country! None of this would have been possible without your (the fans) help... I love you guys so much. Music is my whole world, and that includes all of you!” - Amber Lynn Nicol

Now that she is back home in Tampa Bay, Nicol is ready to focus on recording her newest CD, When The Sun Goes Down. Produced by Tim Grogan, When The Sun Goes Down is currently in pre-production. Nicol is scheduled to enter Studio 515 in Nashville, Tennessee on March 10th to begin recording of the New CD. March 10th will be somewhat of a homecoming for Nicol being that Studio 515 is where she recorded her 2012 debut EP, Beach Day.

“The new album is something I've been formulating for a few years now ... reaching back to Bonnie, Patsy, Stevie, Ray, Clapton ... Janis ... I've always loved the blues. It's going to be different from "Beach Day" and "Broader Horizons." I'm moving away from the pop/country sound and doing something more vibey and alternative with this one. More stripped down. I think you guys are going to love it! and it comes from the soul.” - Amber Lynn Nicol

Nicol describes a few of the new songs which will be on the new album...

  • "When the Sun Goes Down" -

“I wrote this song about Ricky T's on Treasure Island Beach, Florida. When I'm in FL, I play there on Tuesday nights.” - Amber Lynn Nicol

  • "Cowboy" -

“Let's just say I've always had a thing for guys in cowboy hats.” - Amber Lynn Nicol

  • "Lullaby" -

“A co-write with my friend Gary Brewster in California. It's a comforting song... Very pretty. We wrote this as we hung out in the hills of San Jose, drinking Coors Light.” - Amber Lynn Nicol

  • "Take Time" -

“A fun, alternative blues track... A cowrite with Tim Grogan [Nashville] and Nick Hackleman [San Francisco]. Tim, by the way, will be producing this album with me... So excited.” - Amber Lynn Nicol

  • "Guys Like You" -

“A sassy, kind of pissed off at my ex number.” - Amber Lynn Nicol

  • "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" -

“We're going to put a jazz/blues standard on the album. I really love this one, Especially the way Eric Clapton does it! We may select something else, though, we shall see.” - Amber Lynn Nicol

Nicol is currently trying to raise $8,000 to cover the production and recording costs of the new CD. In hopes of doing so, Nicol has started a Kickstarter page to raise the money...

“The best thing to do to help out is just grab a pre-sale copy of the new album... and tell your friends! There's also an option to get your name and photo in the album! By doing any of these things, you are helping me to raise enough money to finish recording it, and I appreciate that so much.” - Amber Lynn Nicol

Without a doubt, Nicol’s fans will be waiting in anticipation to see what her 3rd release will have to offer. Until then, fans can catch Nicol performing on the following Florida dates:

For more information on Amber Lynn Nicol, visit the Official Amber Lynn Nicol Website.

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