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Amber and Caleb 'Big Brother 16' week 4 update: Who is playing who?

Amber and Caleb “Big Brother 16” week 4 update: Who is playing who?
Amber and Caleb “Big Brother 16” week 4 update: Who is playing who?
Photo courtesy of CBS Big Brother 16 live feeds and used with permission

Caleb Reynolds did not come into the “Big Brother 16” house expecting to meet someone like Amber Borzotra. But he did, and what began as a crush may have turned to love. Unfortunately, Caleb’s feelings for Amber are unrequited and some fans are calling his attention to Amber obsessive.

Live feed subscribers watching on Monday, July 21 at approximately 3:37 a.m. PT caught a glimpse of the Amber and Caleb together in one of the “Big Brother” bedrooms. The two were not in the same bed, but they were within inches of each other in separate ones. At first glance one might think they were in bed together.

Amber has told Caleb on a few occasions she is not interested in him romantically. The attention Amber pays to fellow “Big Brother 16” houseguest Cody Calafiore has upset Caleb. The self-described “metrosexual cowboy” who also calls himself “beast-mode cowboy” actually threw the last Battle of the Block competition to ensure that Amber would be safe from eviction in week three.

If Amber is not interested in Caleb and Caleb is angry with Amber, why would the two be within inches of each other, let alone in the same bedroom? They were speaking so softly that live feed watchers were not able to make out what they were saying. It is possible, but not probably, that the two are in a secret alliance. There are at least six different alliances in the house. The original Bomb Squad alliance, of which both Amber and Caleb members, has disbanded. The main alliance is The Detonators and neither Caleb nor Amber knows about it.

It is possible that Amber and Caleb did find out about The Detonator alliance and have formed a Final Two pact. Or, they may just be keeping tabs on each other in order to find out what the other may be doing, but it is possible that they just happened to be in the same room trying to get some sleep. Christine, a member of The Detonator alliance, came into the room and slept in the same bed as Amber. That would have made it difficult for the pair to discuss any game strategy if they are working together.