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Amber Alert: Ramy Demboski is missing

An Amber Alert is active for this missing child in Missouri
An Amber Alert is active for this missing child in Missouri
Screenshot of Amber Alert flyer; Epoch Times

An Amber Alert is active as of Wednesday night, according to this source. Ramy Demboski was reportedly taken from a home after a woman was allowed to come in to use a phone. This story is still developing, but it does look like this is a case of child abduction, but was it done on purpose or on accident? Numerous news reports are picking up the story about the girl, who is three-years-old and was taken from Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

The child's family claim that a woman was having car trouble and came knocking on the door to use a phone. She was allowed in the home, and then left. After she left, Ramy was missing. The woman is described as being a black female driving a blue Dodge Charger, and may have had other children with her. The car reportedly had Nebraska plates. It should be noted that the child was visiting her father and stepmother at the time of her alleged kidnapping. An adult was watching the child, but it's not being revealed whether or not it was the father or stepmother. Officials are currently trying to get a hold of the child's biological mother, but has not been able to yet.

When more details come to the media, the story will hopefully become more clear. The one certainty in this case is that Ramy Demboski is missing and could be in danger. If you know anything about this child's alleged abduction or know anything about her possible whereabouts, please do not hesitate to dial 911.