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Amazon worker admits to exposing himself to female co-worker

The man not only exposed himself to the woman and touched her inappropriately, but threated her while demanding she drop charges against him.

A 29-year-old man admitted that he previously exposed himself to a female co-worker before threatening her at the Amazon warehouse where they worked together in Upper Macungie Township, Pa., The Morning Call reported on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014.

The incident apparently happened last year, but the case against Emmanuel Giron is just now getting underway.

According to the police, Giron not only exposed himself to the woman, but touched her inappropriately while the two were working together. Then after charges were filed, Giron returned to the warehouse to see the woman, claiming that he was going to apologize for his behavior, but instead insisted the woman drop the charges before threatening her. Giron apparently told the woman that if she did not drop the charges, he would come after her and “make her life miserable,” police documents showed.

Giron spent 10 days in jail before he was released on a $10,000 bond.

He pleaded guilty to indecent exposure charges, which could carry a sentence of two years in prison, as well as no contest to intimidating a witness, a felony which could mean seven years in prison.

Because of a plea bargain, other charges against him were dropped, which included indecent assault by forcible compulsion, open lewdness, disorderly conduct, harassment and making terroristic threats.

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