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Amazon to release smartphone in late 2014 - Specs leaked

Amazon's new smartphone to release by the end of 2014
Amazon's new smartphone to release by the end of 2014

The heavily rumored smartphone by has now been confirmed real by the infamous KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and is currently planned to ship out within the last quarter of 2014. For those unfamiliar, Kuo is well known for his reputation of accurately revealing a wide variety of vender’s devices as well as there specifications long before they’re even announced to the general public. This includes major brands such as Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, and now, Amazon.

“We predict Amazon (US) will launch its own brand smartphone in 3-6 months, using the same hardware strategy as used for its e-reader and tablet,” Kuo wrote on Thursday in a note to clients obtained by BGR. “The supply chain will start stocking up materials in 2Q14 for production. We estimate required components will amount to 700k-1.2mn units, and assembly to 300-600k units. Related suppliers will start to see benefits in 2Q14.”

The phone itself is to directly compete with current and future gen smartphones. As of now, Amazons phone will feature a new version of Amazon's custom Android OS, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 ARM quad core processor, 4.7 inch display @ 300+ppi density , 2,400 mAh battery, and typical grade plastic casing. The real difference is that the phone is said to house SIX different cameras with a Sony 13 megapixel camera mounted on front while the others cameras by Primax will be used for gesturing.

“The key feature of the smartphone, we believe, will be the six cameras,” Kuo wrote. “Aside from the main camera, which is used to take pictures, and the sub camera, used for video conferencing (these are both found in all smartphones), we think the other four cameras will be used for gesture control, allowing users to operate the smartphone without touching the touch panel.”

As of now, the phone itself is still in its early alpha stages according to the leaks, so there may be a number of hardware changes that could be made from now to its predicted fall 2014 release date.

For more info about the development of Amazon’s new device or other upcoming phones, check out for more leaks from Kuo