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Amazon's Kindle goes "touchscreen"

The latest Kindle versions have gone upscale--with color and touchscreen capabilities!
The latest Kindle versions have gone upscale--with color and touchscreen capabilities!
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The big announcement came this morning when Amazon founder and CEO announced not only the new design for their Kindle e-reader but the new touchscreen version, Kindle Fire, to go head to head with Apple's iPad.

The Kindle Fire is now in color and offers 8 gig of memory to load games, apps, and ebooks. The Fire comes with the Silk browser, which gives access to Amazon's Cloud Drive if you don't want to download those ebooks to your Fire. You'll have the ability to surf the internet, watch streaming TV, movies, and YouTube. And you'll also have the ability to read your email. With a seven inch viewing screen, the keyboard is part of that touchscreen.

Those who want to pre-rder the Kindle Fire will receive theirs on or after the November 15th release date. After that date, customers can begin purchasing for immediate shipment--providing Amazon doesn't run out of stock with on hand inventory.

The Kindle e-reader has also had a makeover. The keyboard has been removed from the outside and added to the screen. The regular Kindle will come with free wi-fi and you can get either the special orders version for $79 or without them for $109. You'll use the buttons at the base of the screen to scroll the pages as well as scrolling through the letters on the keyboard.

The new Kindle Touch, however, completely removes the buttons and is completely touchscreen for pages and keyboard. You will type directly onto the face of Kindle.

Both versions come with built in wi-fi but only the Kindle Touch will offer the 3G network.

**Hmmm...and it's coming around to Christmas time. How many readers do you know that would love to have one of these?**

The current version of the Kindle e-reader is available locally through Best Buy on Nicholasville Road and in the Hamburg Shopping Center. You can currently pre-order the newest versions through Amazon's website. They will be available locally coming in November through Best Buy as well.

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