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Amazon’s Android console controller leaked

Top view
Top view

Android consoles have been attempted by a few companies, most notably the Kickstarter-based console Ouya, but none of them have been successful. The Brazilian FCC released a few photos which supposedly show what Amazon’s Android console’s controller will look like.

Quite frankly, the controller is clunky and hideous. It looks oddly similar to the Xbox 360’s and Xbox One’s controller, more so the latter, which just doesn’t sit well in the hands of players. The unparalleled analog sticks and gigantic form factor simply isn’t an effective controller; however, Amazon does break away from Microsoft’s standard by having four buttons in the middle and three buttons at the bottom. The four in the middle appear to provide functions such as “home,” “list,” “return,” and possibly a “search” button. The three buttons at the bottom undoubtedly will be used for Instant Video. The slideshow reveals all of the angles of the controller.

So far we’ve only seen Amazon’s controller for their Android console and nothing on the set-top box that it will go with so speculation will continue until they make an official announcement. With a very Xbox-like controller and Amazon supposedly having interest in acquiring Xbox from Microsoft, could they be mimicking the controller in a subtle attempt to show interest?