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Amazon might be going too far in paying employees to quit

Everyone shops for books
Everyone shops for books
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Whoever would have thought a company provide employee payment to quit should they be unhappy working for them. Well Amazon has now started that option should personnel feel they no longer like their current working status. There has been payment to leaving employees such as a severance when companies merge together or should they be purchased but never has an employee been paid to quit their position at least not until now. According to CBS News, this payment has been taken by some but other employees have taken the option to attend college classes whether they are focused on their current job at Amazon or not.

A few questions coming about are where the leadership is to help employees considering this type action. There should be management personnel ready with leadership skills to speak with those unhappy with their employment position rather than financially pay someone to leave a company. The latter action is actually a loss for the Amazon company in the end as it is losing money for a payout then having to lose time and money to train a new hire. Perhaps it would be much wiser for floor managers to work as a team and assist personnel on the floor so everyone keeps that motivational drive. After all the old adage does state there is no “I” in team.