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Amazon kicks off all Wii Gold Box sale today plus Tony Hawk: Ride deep discount

Tony Hawk Ride is the Deal of the Day for the Amazon Gold Box
Tony Hawk Ride is the Deal of the Day for the Amazon Gold Box

Amazon's Gold Box is filled with deals on games and accessories for the Nintendo Wii today. While most of the deals seem to cater to the casual dance and fitness gamers, there is one game that the kids will enjoy and one fantasy RPG that's a great buy for fans of the genre.

Meanwhile, the Deal of the Day is Tony Hawk: Ride discounted down to only $39.99 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Retailers have been clearing this skateboard game out to make room for the upcoming holiday releases, and this is the deepest discount yet for Amazon.

You can find the complete list of Gold Box discounts for today below. The 9AM deal on Gold's Gym Dance Workout is currently ongoing and the deal on Walk It Out has been confirmed by Amazon. The rest of the items listed are hunches based on the clues given in quotes.  All times are in EDT.

9 AM - "Dance your way to fit." - Gold's Gym Dance Workout
12 PM - "Walk This Way" - Walk It Out
3 PM - "No toy gets left behind." - Toy Story 3
4 PM - "15 ways to have fun on your Wii." - Wii Fit Plus
6 PM - "Bring the Broadway musical experience right into your living room." - Dance On Broadway
7 PM - "The Wii on 480p." - Wii Component Cables
9 PM - "Enjoy this massive fantasy epic." - Arc Rise Fantasia
11 PM - "Transform your Wii controller into sports equipment." - Wii Sports Pack accessory


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