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Amazon is on Fire: Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV

You may ask yourself with Apple TV, and Roku already on the market why would there be need to produce another streaming device. Well because not only do you get a lot of the other things that the other brands offer such as Netflix, Crackle and Hulu Plus but you also get to choose from Amazon's expansive library of movies. When I say expansive I mean there are over 200,000 movies and television shows to choose from. But that's not all. To find out why this little box could rock your tv watching world just read on.

Best feature of this device is the ability to talk into the remote. How many hours have you spent scrolling aimlessly trying to find a movie or show to no avail? Now all you have to do is hold down the button located at the top of the remote, (the microphone button) which activates the voice search. Say your request then sit back and enjoy.

Ok so now you have found the program that you want to watch and it's available on both Hulu Plus and Amazon the only deciding factor is then price. You get to see both options compared so you can choose the least expensive, which can help you save some bucks because you will need Prime membership to enjoy Prime Instant Video.

There are also neat features such as having the ability to start your movie on your tv and finish it on your phone or tablet, plus display little tidbits about the cast that has been pulled from IMDb. If you love trivia, you will adore this feature. Better yet how often have you watched a movie saw an actor and couldn't remember what else he has appeared in, well that won't happen anymore.

There is also a great selection of games to pick from which you can enjoy by using the remote that comes with your new toy or by getting an add on which would be the Fire game controller.

Now the design of this box is pretty understated which is nice because inconspicuous can sometimes be a good thing. The Fire TV though lovely is not perfect. It does have issues with syncing but I am sure Amazon is already on top of that. Plus aren't we all used to having patience when it comes to thing buffering?

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