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Amazon is hitting the market with a new smartphone

Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive officer of, Inc
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The already heated competition in the smartphone market now has Amazon to contend with. Amazon is expected to unveil a new smartphone soon reported USA Today on June 18, 2014. Amazon's new smartphone will heat up the smartphone wars with a device which features a 3D screen and four front-facing cameras.

Amazon is anticipated to sell the new smartphone at near cost, and make its profits from the sale of products. The smartphone industry is presently dominated by Samsung and Apple. Google, Blackberry, HTC and Nokia are also hot competitors. Moshe Cohen, a professor with the Columbia Business School in New York, says the new Amazon smartphone will have to offer a strong functionality in an era where smartphones are quickly becoming completely functional computers.

Amazon is anticipated to unveil its new 3D smartphone in order to attract mobile shoppers reports Reuters. This device is Amazon's latest attempt to exert its influence over the manner in which consumers shop online. The introduction of the new Amazon smartphone serves as a reflection of how smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming how many consumers view and buy items online. According to comScore mobile commerce grew at almost twice the rate of online retail during the first quarter.

Sources say the new Amazon device contains 3D features which are visible to the eye without special glasses. It is anticipated by analysts that Amazon's Prime membership program, which offers features such as movie streaming and two-day delivery, will be tied to this new smartphone.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal AT&T Inc will initially carry the smartphone exclusively as it did with the iPhone for years and the short-lived Facebook phone made by HTC Corp. The Facebook phone never made it in the market and at one point was discounted to 99 cents. However, the new Amazon smartphone appears likely to do well with excitement anticipated over the ease of shopping from Amazon anywhere at anytime on your mobile Amazon device.

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