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Amazon hints at amazing new product to be revealed in June

Amazon has released a teaser video on the Internet that shows individuals using the new Amazon product to be launched June 18 in Seattle. CEO Jeff Bezos will do the honor of introducing to the world what people are saying on the video as "amazing" and "I have never seen anything like this", according to The Verge today.

Amazon Announces Set Top Video Device
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

It has been a topic in the world of tech that Amazon is developing a 3D smartphone that will operate by slanting and turning the phone. Memories of the Air Penguin game on Apple iTunes store is brought to mind for comparison of the fun in tilting your phone to play the game.

How to attract and achieve consumer buy in to a 3D smartphone product would have Amazon relying on its success in the tablet market where it leads in the Android world. Since Amazon controls devices and apps through its store, it needs to make the leap to gain consumer acceptance of a smartphone product with a “Wow” factor.

A smartphone entry was leaked earlier this year and the video shows the back of a smartphone in the hands of its participants. Speculation is that after the announcement in June, the device would begin shipping in Sept.

Amazon has posted on its Twitter site access for an invitation to the June 18 event for the unveiling. It lists that space is limited. Customers, journalists and developers are invited to get online for the event.

Earlier this year in April, Amazon presented the Fire TV set-box top so it could enter the streaming video market with its sleek black device. It is also making arrangements for sign–up for Amazon Dash, a Wi-Fi voice enabled barcode scanner for grocery product purchase. You can scan from your cupboard the boxes, tins and packages for restock. The order is synced to the Amazon grocery service.

While Bezos keeps the black beveled product close to his vest it is clearly shown on the video teaser the Amazon logo. The wide-eyed looks of the users are very engaging and make one want to obtain an online invite to the launch event. It is all done in the typical Bezos style of engaging the consumer.

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