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Amazon game controller a cross between Xbox 360 and OnLive controllers

Amazon Game Controller Leaked Images-slide0

The rumored Amazon game console looks all but certain now as leaked images of a controller hit Friday and it looks like a cross between the Xbox 360 and OnLive controller.

The images were discovered by ZatzNotFunny from a Brazillian agency similar to the FCC. The controller will use a Bluetooth connection to work not only with the unannounced Amazon console but also with Kindle Fire tablets as well.

The button, D-pad and stick layout of the controller is the same as the Xbox 360 controller which includes shoulder buttons and triggers. Additionally, the underside has a similar grip layout with the battery pack tucked in between. The top of the controller is flatter than the Xbox controller though and also features Play/Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward buttons the same as OnLive's controller for its ill-fated streaming console.

The controller also features three buttons in the middle for Android's back, home and menu controls along with a fourth unlabeled button that may perform a similar function to the Xbox 360 logo button and take the user to a hub or game center.

The primary focus of the Amazon console is assumed to be to take on the Roku and AppleTV streaming devices but it is clear that Android gaming capabilities is intended to provide differentiation as well. The retailer recently purchased Double Helix Games, the studio behind the Killer Instinct and Strider revivals.

Nothing is official yet the fact that the controller is going through regulatory boards is a clear sign that an announcement from Amazon is coming soon.

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