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Amazon Firefly: Will the new Amazon phone be a hit this holiday season?

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos talks about the new Firefly phone.
Amazon owner Jeff Bezos talks about the new Firefly phone.
Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images

The Amazon phone is coming. The new Amazon Firefly smartphone is ready to take on the big boys next month as the release of the first phone in Amazon's history will hit the market. Nowadays having a phone almost seems like more of a need than a want, but can Amazon compete with powerhouses like the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S5 and other well established brands?

According to an ibtimes report on June 23 the new Firefly will be able to recognize 245,000 movies and TV episodes, along with 160 live television channels and 35 million songs from the Amazon music catalog - and of course it will have direct links to Amazon shoppers who may just want to do purchase a few things on their lunch break!

Of course just like all new phones the price is pretty steep. If you get a plan along with the new Firefly it will cost you $199 for a 32 GB phone. If you just want the new phone with out a plan so you can shop for the best price that will cost a bit more. This phone rings in at a hefty $649 for the 16 and 32GB phones. If you need more memory, the 64GB phone is $749.

The new Firefly won't be released until July 25, but you can pre-order now at If you are a regular purchaser from Amazon and you are looking for a new phone, Amazon is making the deal a bit sweeter if you place a pre-order.

For a limited time, Amazon will throw in a year of free Amazon Prime with all pre-ordered phones. If you already have Prime, they will extend your membership for a full year. Not too shabby!

The big question is for people who love the Amazon line of products such as the Kindle and Kindle Fire, will the new Firefly be able to compete with other top line phones? Most people want to see a phone before they purchase it, and with the Firefly that really isn't possible.

If the reviews are good on the Firefly as it starts to hit the general public it could be a big seller this holiday season. Most phone companies run great Black Friday and holiday deals, and surely Amazon will as well.

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