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Amazon Fire TV released today

Amazon just ramped up the competition for Apple, Google and Roku. Announced today, the U.S. e-commerce leader unveiled a new product called Fire TV. Fire TV is a video streaming device that is available for $99. This brand new product came along with an interesting ad.

Amazon Fire TV
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The ad featured Gary Busey. He was frustrated after he spoke to random items around his home like a lamp, or the pants that he wore. These inanimate items did not listen to him. However, everything changed when he got the Fire TV.

He told Fire TV that he wanted to watch something with Gary Busey. After he spoke to the remote, the television pulled up videos that had his name related to them. It seems that all his problems were solved. However, this could pose a major threat to competitors.

Amazon is a powerful e-commerce company. The plan for Fire TV is to eventually allow users to shop conveniently from their living rooms. This will open a new channel for Amazon to increase sales.

According to Reuters,

“Amazon promised that Fire TV, available now on, would be more powerful and easier to use than Apple TV, Google Inc's much cheaper Chromecast and Roku Inc's set-top box.”

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