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Amazon discusses their app store ahead of Wednesday's smartphone announcement

This coming Wednesday Amazon are set to announce their first ever Android based smartphone, but before the big announcement, Amazon wanted to to let everyone know about the Amazon Appstore and how well it's doing. In a report released by Amazon today, June 16, Amazon has stated that the app store has tripled in size during the last 12 months.

Amazon Appstore
ZDF - Wikimedia Commons

One year ago the Amazon Appstore was still a pretty small player in the Android market space, and the selection of apps was barely 80,000 strong, but today the Appstore offers a selection of over 240,000 applications for users to download and use on their Android phones, and tablets including Amazon's Kindle Fire.

The Amazon Appstore is perhaps best known for its free daily application. Every day Amazon picks one app that is normally priced at a dollar or more to give away for free. Developers really like this because if their app is selected, it will generally increase their install base, which could eventually lead to bigger profits thanks to in-app purchases, or future application that they may produce.

Companies such as Apple and Microsoft generally like to reveal numbers like this during their annual keynotes, but Amazon wanted to get these numbers out in the open ahead of their other big announcement that is due to come on Wednesday. There have been rumors of a Amazon smartphone for years, and not it seems as if those rumors will finally be coming true. While not much is known about the device itself, the biggest rumor seems to focus on the fact that 3D technology will play a large roll in the handset.

While 3D technology has been around for sometime, the technology has never really taken off in the smartphone world. HTC tried to introduce 3D a few years ago with the HTC EVO 3D but it failed quite spectacularly. The Amazon smartphone reportedly has a 3D camera and a 3D screen, so one can only imagine it will work in a similar way to Nintendo's 3DS game console. A recently released teaser video showed users using the device, and judging by the look on their faces, Amazon could be on to something revolutionary.

Amazon will be holding a press conference on June 18 in their hometown of Seattle.

Source: Amazon

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