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Amazon could show off their console at planned New York show

Leaked image of Amazon controller
Leaked image of Amazon controller
Dave Zatz

Amazon has been sending out press invites for a show, or gathering, set for this Wednesday, April 2nd in New York.

We have seen leaked images of the controller for the rumored Android console. The controller was said to be an optional additional controller peripheral that would not actually ship with the console, but rather be a stand-alone controller. If you missed the images, they can be seen HERE.

The Amazon gaming unit has been rumored to be a console by some, and a dongle by others. There has been no announcement to validate either of these claims, but it has also been reported that it may come in the form of a set-top box.

It has also been said that the "system" will make use of Amazon Instant Video. This leads to speculation of the possibility of streaming. With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One utilizing streaming capabilities, it would only make sense for Amazon to follow suit.

With the leak of these controller images and this gathering that Amazon is planning, we can safely assume, or even hope, that it will be the reveal of this system. What would be a better time to do so, while they have the press readily available in one location?

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Source: Gaf via: MCV

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