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See also is currently offering a sale on PC game downloads. The sale runs from May 16 through May 31. This sale offers a range of newer and older gaming titles that are digital downloads either directly from or through Steam. A few titles are available from Origin as well. This is perhaps one of the larger digital games sales for the PC in some time.

Anyone interested in purchasing a PC game on sale should first check out the requirements. Some games may explicitly state the type and version of operation system required. Others may be more vague in their descriptions. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer first. Officially the sale started yesterday and there are some great PC games on sale.

Here are some of the better deals to check out:

  1. Silvefall $2.00
  2. Age of Empires III Complete Collection $9.99
  3. Mass Effect 3 $4.99
  4. Dead Island Game of the Year Edition $4.99
  5. Dragon Age Pack $9.99
  6. Need for Speed Ultimate Digital Collection $7.49
  7. Batman Arkham GOTY Pack $11.49
  8. Need for Speed: The Run $4.99
  9. The Crazy Action Pack $9.99
  10. Command and Conquer The Ultimate Collection $9.99
  11. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Standard Edition $4.99
  12. Metro 2033 $4.99
  13. Borderlands 2 $13.59
  14. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition $7.49
  15. Bioshock Dual Pack $4.99
  16. Battlefield 3: Premium Service $14.99
  17. Alice: Madness Returns $7.49
  18. Dead Space Dual Pack $7.99
  19. FEAR Ultimate Shooter Edition $2.59
  20. Hitman Triple Threat Pack $7.48
  21. Magicka Collection $4.99
  22. F.E.A.R Ultimate Pack $9.99
  23. FEAR 2: Project Origin $3.75
  24. Sacred 2 Gold $4.99
  25. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate $8.99



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