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Amazon bought copies of SimCity seemingly disappearing

Amazon Bought Copies of SimCity Seemingly Disappearing
Amazon Bought Copies of SimCity Seemingly Disappearing

Some purchases of SimCity made through Amazon are causing some sort stir with one person from Gaf, SVR, claiming his game just disappeared. In doing some research, he found that Amazon is issuing charge backs for the game and is working with EA to resolve the issue. In looking into a screencap of his conversation with an EA customer service representative, it appears that SVR picked up the standard edition of SimCity and has since, received a refund from Amazon.

Amazon Bought Copies of SimCity Seemingly Disappearing

While the representative from EA was unable to offer any advise, other than for him to contact the retailer in which he purchased the game from, this raises eyebrows in what exactly happened to his copy. It could be an isolated incident. However, another user, Got the Shakes, stated, "I got a refund for SimCity from Amazon a few days after release, but it continued to be in my games library on Origin. I noticed this morning that EA finally removed it from my purchased library."

If that wasn't enough, there have been some problems with the keys provided when trying to load the game. Riri284 asked on EA forums, "Today when I tried launching the game, it asked me to activate it again (with name "SimCityR122"). When I did, I got an error message stating that the CdKey has already been used. This must be an error. what is there to do about it? Thanks" There has been no answer from EA on the forum post.

Onrelas from Overclockers had a bit more to share on this matter:

Well, loaded up the game today only to see an error message stating "To play SimCityR122, you must first activate it on your Origin account". I've been playing the game for days with no issues at all then all of a sudden this.

Contacted Origin and they say the key has been disabled due to a charge-back claim from Amazon. Makes no sense to me as I've never requested a refund. Also there's no money credited to my bank account from Amazon so they're just canceled my key without notice and not given me any refund. Thanks for that.

Waiting to hear back from Amazon. Interested to hear what they have to say.

It doesn't seem that Amazon has a set plan of action on this as of yet. However, if you are experiencing the same problems, it would be highly recommended to contact Amazon first.