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Amazing 'Wheel' win: Watch Wheel contestant solve an improbable final puzzle

Amazing “Wheel” win? What are the odds of a Wheel of Fortune contestant solving a 12-character, three-word final puzzle, when they only have two letters to work with? Just ask last night’s winner, a contestant named Emil, who guessed the strange phrase “new baby buggy” when all he had was the “n” and the “e” from the first word.

Says CNN on March 20: The contestant “turned two letters into $45,000 during the bonus round. His luck (skill? clairvoyance?) shocked host Pat Sajak and thrilled the Internet.”

Host Pat Sajak told Emil that the puzzle was a “thing,” and while baby a buggy might be a common item, who would have thought to put the adjective “new” in front of it?

Emil was given the standard fare of letters that all the bonus round contestants get: "R, S, T, L, N, E" and then he selected as his three additional consonants an “H,” and “M,” and a “D,” before taking an “O” as his extra vowel.

No help there, but no matter. Emil nailed it.

“You're a very good puzzle solver, but I don't know,” Sajak said. “You have 10 seconds. Keep talking. Maybe the right thing will pop out. Good luck.

Emil did exactly that, and “popped out” the answer on his first try: “New baby buggy.”

Seemed like the person who "lights up" the puzzle, assuming there is some sort of "Oz" backstage controlling the board, was equally shocked. There was a few second delay after Emil said the answer before the board filled up with words, sending Emil into a happy spin and causing Sajak to just look on in wonder.

Ah the good old days of Wheel. Here's a YouTube classic. Enjoy.

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