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Amazing Talents of the Professional Truck Driver

Thanks to movies during the seventies and eighties, the general public continues to see the professional truck driver as the loud-mouthed, chain-smoking, dirty scoundrel of the highways; bellowing down the road preying on the poor four-wheelers with nerves of steel and the mindset of nothing is going to get in their way.

Singer, Trucker: Tony Justice

This reputation continues today, in many ways, with current television series and made-for-TV movies which in actuality, could not be further from the truth. For most, the professional trucker is one who is simply working to make an honest living and to support their families. When they leave home for their trip that will keep them away for several weeks or months at a time, their thought is already about making it back home; hard working people who refuse to accept government handouts, determined to make their own way through life.

For those outside of trucking, they will never understand the life of a professional trucker; never understand the isolation and months spent living in a truck, out there somewhere on the road. Most unfortunately, few will ever know the unbelievable, amazing hidden talents as it relates to many of these big truck operators.

Too many to mention within just one article, yet such talent from those who drive the big rigs can be seen in the example of pro trucker, Brad James; a driver who allows his talent to shine by writing his own words to the tune of famous songs. His most recent production is of the lowly truck driver stuck waiting on a load, all sung to the music of "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay."

Mr. James has recently been contacted by a Nashville talent scout for an independent recording studio and Rand The Man & Donna O'Neill will feature a full hour of his music along with an interview on their radio show on Saturday night at 10pm Central. He will also be the Special Guest performing on the Truckers Gone Wild Cruise 2015.

Few in trucking can fail to mention another professional truck driver who is also carving his way toward a recording contract: Tony Justice. A singer, musician and song writer, Tony has achieved having his music CD's placed within nearly all of the major truck stop chains across America, including his most recently released CD: Apple Pie Moonshine.

Still driving, Tony and Brad are just two examples of the talent possessed by an unlimited number of truckers across the Nation. From singers, impressionists, actors and actresses, writers, authors, poets and even champion bodybuilders ... the array of talent is amazing and largely unknown among the general public.

The next time one of those big, loud, shiny rigs pass you by, perhaps you may finally realize that there is much more to these Knights of the Road.

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