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Amazing swag bags ideas to be used as promotional gifts

unique promotional gifts
unique promotional gifts
unique promotional gifts

Marketing experts spend weeks looking for the right kind of promotional products. There is so much to be thought of, and if something goes wrong whole budget is in vain.

Out of the current lot of promotional ideas, swag bags are most popular. It seems like very other business is making use of affordable carry bags in some way or the other. If you are also considering them, understand one simple thing, usual ideas will not work. You need one of our interesting swag bag ideas to stay in the game.

Give more than just the bag

Handing over custom tote bag is almost a tradition these days. Many companies place order online, get their logo and hand over the package to customers just like that. However, you can do it a bit differently by adding other small treats inside. Pack the bag with little perfume bottles, chocolates or alcohol bottles. It all depends on what your target audience prefers.

Pay attention to design

If everyone is bust making the same thing, how will people even notice you or your busy? Your marketing team and creative lead has to think different in every possible way. Look into what the target audience prefers. Do they like a certain color over others? Is there are particular character that you can put on the bag? Pay attention to everything before finalizing the design.

Keep the words short

Are you planning to put a message or call to action on these unique promotional gifts? Is this message over 50 words? Chances are that people will not read it. Catalogs are the best examples of how people do not bother about you and your business. Just say what you need to and end the message asap.

Think digital

Chances are that you have already explored tech products and found them to be really expensive. After all, how can you afford to give away speakers or USB fans for free? It does not mean that swag bag ideas cannot borrow something from digital universe. From designing to bag tags, think of ways that can make people connect. Technology is closer to people.

Support a cause. Go green.

Everyone on planet seems to be extremely connected with the idea to save earth. Will people listen to you if you talk about environment? They will. Tell how your organization cares about the environment and how the bag is an extension of that concern.