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Unclaimed girl gets a second go, almost 14 yrs later
Racine Jane Doe FB

The 1999 "Racine Jane Doe" (RJD) is a young woman who was discovered, dead along the side of a country road by an older teen and her father on a morning walk near Racine, Wisconsin. RJD showed various signs of extreme abuse, deemed torture at the time.

This includes but is not limited to

SKIN open wounds from burns at various stages of healing over her body, these are visible on the shoulders in the autopsy photo.

NOSE broken, still swollen

HEAD injuries, noted by bruising (? and fractures to skull?) no visible blood. Died from a head injury, blunt trauma force.

EAR battered so badly it was deformed into cauliflower ear, in reading this is a very serious injury.

ARM broken, reportedly out of position or in an odd position ( this is a compound fracture? did not say which part of the arm)

TEETH severe dental decay at the back of the mouth, and dental occlusion, protruding front teeth that may have made it hard to close lips around. It is unclear if this person merely never had dental services or perhaps had dental issues due to drug use. Decay patterns for each are different, but the released documentation does not indicate if one or both is the culprit.

Malnourished , underweight 120lbs for height 5'8".

Mental Capacity or learning disability Mental capacity is how much brain power a person has, if a person has a developmental delay or disability or learning disability or all three might result as a profile. disabilities in collection.

Nationality: was she NOT from the United States? Perhaps human trafficking, war refugee, international relocation? This question has come up in part because of where she was found, and that noone appears to have looked for her.

More that hasn't yet been released to the public. Very dehumanizing, by all descriptions. There was a question if RJD/CrystalRae had been tortured for a month or more, with a life that had prior limited resources affecting her health.

The discovered corpse was documented via autopsy, the body sent to the Milwalkee, Wisconsin Medical Examiner.

Then Racine held a formal funeral hosted by townspeople for RDJ, which pretty much sealed their ongoing relationship to her and finding her identity, possible justice for the tormentor/killer and finding her family. So, RDJ has an alias, given by the townspeople, "Crystal Rae", a Facebook acct,, is listed on FBI unidentified persons, Wisconsin unidentified found persons, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. RDJ/CrystalRae has something of a fan club, and is treated by the townspeople as a family member the refuse to let go of, but want to find rest for.

Reading reports and watching news for RDJ/CrystalRae, the girl who found her, as well as the townspeople were and remain at unrest in her absence of identity. The woman who found her when SHE also was a teen checks the RDJ/FB daily for posts and news on RJD/CrystalRae Meet her, 40 seconds into this video

News reports indicate that RDJ/CrystalRae has been gifted with a couple of things recently.

One is exhumation in October 2013, to re-assess forensic evidence.

The OTHER is that a GEORGIA forensics specialist ( this person is unnamed) has volunteered to help determine whatever can be understood and press to find this female's parents or living relatives to be at peace.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children dispensed newly offered major new pieces data from law enforcement. Here is their post. NCMEC ‏@MissingKids May 28 This item was found on an unidentified deceased child. Can you help identify it? #HelpIDMe. This is the first released additional information for Racine Jane Doe in the new reassessment of this case.

The other is a new image of RDJ/CrystalRae, which shows her as if in a school photo. The man's red flower applique shirt was deemed remarkable, yet it is most likely not hers... produced in the early 1980's. She was also wearing sweat pants that were black.

HER FACE: Her nose intact in this shot is fine and pointy, as is her jawline, with a now heart shaped face. These features had possibly been overdrafted to match the morgue photos, which did not take into account that her nose was broken, and swollen, therefore a distortion. As may her other facial features have been distorted from a break, or ongoingly rebroken nose.

Her eyes suspected to be brown, may have been hazel.

Many people's Hair about that time looked along the lines of this a sort of chunky mushroomy style. But there are many styles. The hair in the newest RJD/CrystalRae photo shows color processed, moussed, permed hair, pulled back from the face.

RJD/CrystalRae was found with a Brown Scapular tied to her wrist. In non-religious expert research, Scapulars are a typcially Catholic sacrement, which must be given by a priest, and is to be worn at all times. Upon disintegration, it is to be burned. BROWN SCAPULARS have origins in Britain, and affiliations with the Anglican church. It is also used by Catholics and Lutherans, possibly Episcopalians.

If removed, bad things may befall the wearer, as noted in this sermon. This is only one take on meanings of Scapulars. , but references a "fallen woman" who falls when scapular removed. It also makes reference to BROWN scapulars feared by the devil, among 3 things..................

The plan for exhumation then doing that brought the story forward again. As has the release of these bits of data. A couple of other murders of teens have been solved in the mean time. The availability of new data that can show possibly where this young lady was born, and grew up should narrow the field for next right things. It is not clear how the forensic examiner came to the case, or who that person is who will manage evidence, processing evidence and final reports about this young lady.

Cases like this, continue to put the spotlight on missing, kidnapped, AWOL, murdered, sex trafficked and unidentified kids worldwide.

.@PollyDad, Marc Klass whose daughter was abducted from her own home, during a sleepover with friends had the US riveted for the near misses in discovery and detention of the kidnapper/killer has noted, and federal documentation agrees for both groups that AmberAlerts and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have fatal flaws known to creators from inception. So, notification systems and ongoing information management appears to be lacking.

Other articles in this series will look at possible directions to consider this issue of missing, kidnapped, AWOL, murdered, sextrafficked and unidentified found children, both for this case, and for the general topic related to other like cases in visibility.

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