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Amazing Secrets: Racine Jane Doe, where are this child's parents? Part 6

Racine Jane Doe, was this a somehow a torture or hate crime/
Racine Jane Doe FB

Racine Jane Doe is a moniker given a female, who appears to be a teenager, dumped dead on the edge of a cornfield in 1999 near the town of Racine, Wisconsin. Exhumation in October 2013 and release of unreleased prior evidence has called attentions to this tiny town case in hopes of revealing her identity.

This is the 6th in a series of articles considering her situation, and other young people who illustrate issues of safety in the United States. Preceding articles consist of the following regarding this unsolved mystery of 14 years. This particular article looks more closely at family ties, and why there might not be any obvious or accessible ties, it covers many things, but surely isn't exhaustive.

WHERE exactly is this town in the USA? Racine, Wisconsin on the map..... is remote to some degree. It is in the lower RIGHT quadrant of this map, just off Interstate 94.

See the trajectory of I-75 and also I-94, which travels WEST to Billings, Montana and becomes I-90 further West.

This town has taken this child under their wing, with 50 people attending her funeral, and more who continue to call out for her family to find her. holding a hope that seems to transcend the problem.... "More will be revealed"

The location of this town, in proximity to major thoroughfares may be increasingly relevant as the public participates in understanding her case.

Back to RJD.

Generally speaking there are questions of where this child's parents are? Another question is if RJD is a really child. Is there any chance this female is an adult? But she still lived somewhere and has parents, or sibs or someone who knew her from birth to death. Is she really "white" or could she be bi-racial, particularly Native American? Is she "not" American?

Irrespective, where she is originally from persists. Following the assumption she was physically brought into the area where she was dropped off, eyes can follow the map as above, looking at major transit routes that generally flank the area.

The absence of whether she was in the company of a known person, or unknown is not clear. Was she at risk and abused over time and in that last month of her life, which was initially deemed torture was just the end of the line for RJD and one abuser or a series of circumstances at the hands of various abusers caused her demise. Person on person crime seems the focus of what has been said.

Again WHO are these REPORTED ( up to 50% of missing kids NEVER EVER reported) Missing Kids?

So, generally speaking older adolescents and young adults usually have living arrangements along these lines.

1.) Living with one or more parents or known relatives and going to school

2.) Fostercare and going to school/job or another selection below

3.) Living with friends and going to school/job or another selection below

4.) Living in a care facility like residential mental health or addictions care

5.) Living alone in a group home or apartment and going to school/job

6.) Living at a boarding school for education or disciplinary purposes

7.) Living at other training school like Job Corps

8.) Refugee of war

9.) Au Pair

10.)College Student

11.) Vacationer

12.) Work but don't know the job is human trafficking (indentured servitude), converted to sex human trafficking

13.) Some issue arises that makes this a "throw away child", famine, war, incest, abuse, ill parent, incarcerated parent, no other relatives living or known. ...............

As in previous articles, the possibility of RJD being completely separated from her parent or parents or known family is pretty high given that noone has come for her. But WHY. Was she somehow NOT a teen, and was an adult?

Law enforcement and forensics say that mismatched information, misdocumented information, or misreads on what the evidence says, make for profiles that : 1.) either don't get considered at ALL or 2.) that get ruled out because the things like age or race are core to rule in or rule out. This again is where POINT of FACT overtakes POINT OF VIEW, and training, following protocols and having a system ( while still thinking outside the box) matters. Something referred to as SpPins and SnNouts are common, where info is systematically proven to connect or not.

With the invention of computers, this information can be shared, but if core data is not in a useable profile, it remains untouched or dormant. All that assumes there IS a profile of a missing person. But WHY might there be no missing persons profile?

PARENTS or caregivers who have legal control of their kids

Another problem, apparently over the last 30 years or so is that parents of kids of certain ages ( like 13 and over) were often stuck between some rules of reporting and were unable to make a report to police.So police refused a report based upon some questions, like... did the young person run away. Did they ever threaten to run away. In some states, it is common for kids who are 15 or older to leave home, or marry even quit school at 16 or whatever and so despite the family request to file ( finding the missing child issue to NOT be their kid's MO) they were refused.

Some of those same parents or even now siblings are NOT aware these days that they can still file THEIR old case of missing child with the National Center for Missing Children

or Klaas Kids and and

Be aware that Marc Klaas has noted, and the federal government has openly agreed, that since inception there are flaws in emergency notification systems and some ongoing systems of missing children, deemed fatal flaws. See his blog materials for a more exact review of this general data.

a.) Most parents don't realize their family member is missing for about 2 hours, and the window of emergency effectiveness is 3 hours. and best results come in the first...3... hours... b.) if a parent cannot name an abductor as seen or as a known person, the child cannot be reported most likely to AmberAlerts.

c.) there is a 24 hour window where the child may end up dead.... and combined A, B and C, parents are blindsided by no alternative alert or search systems. d.) some parents are refused ANY option to report. e.) as many as 50% of missing children are NOT reported, ever.

f.) some parents, especially with older kids feel obligated to wait to report... if the child has been in trouble the parent may fear law enforcement or other actions if the missing made known. g.) Klaas believes alternatives can be added, or the current system dismantled and another assigned that makes use of newer technologies and broader public involvement. h.) this also needs to include rights of organized approved searchers to have access to additional information in order to discover search paths and answers sooner.

i.) Some parents do not understand their community's known safety rating..... or

Parents who don't have legal control over their kids. Some kids are temporarily placed in foster care due to interfamilial circumstances or care needs. Those parents may not be told their child is missing, and may not be allowed to place notices or alerts as above, because the child is not "theirs" for the moment. HOW Fosterkids get reported as missing. Some social services don't abide by this,...... as evidenced by Ke'Alya Robinson.... and the OKDHS ( one of many missing nationwide from fostercare.)

OTHER family members or friends who don't have control, like siblings, grandparents, boyfriends or girlfriends really don't have recourse to alert systems. BUT contacting the above two organizations will explain choices and rights, because parents may be deceased or feeble, and sibs of the missing may have a strong desire to find their family.

Some parents are incarcerated and cannot report or are not told. Some incarcerated parents lose parental rights permanently, or as they are incarcerated aren't the primary parent and cannot report or participate in searches. The frequency of incarceration of women began to explode about the time RJD was discovered.. "Women incarceration rates 600% + since 1999. The number of women in prison increased by 646 percent between 1980 and 2010, rising from 15,118 to 112,797. If we include local jails, more than 205,000 women are now incarcerated. The female prison population is increasing at nearly double the rate for men." (The Sentencing Project-PDF)

This shows what is missing for kids who have an incarcerated parent. What Mom’s find they are missing when incarcerated, what they need to reintegrate with family and community. Some families cannot tolerate these separations.

Socially, a child given to other relatives or a friend. Some parents abdicate care to relatives or friends in a general agreement, and don't track the child. Worst case scenario for this custom is Relisha Rudd out of DC.

Some children are adopted out, and the parent has no further contact, whether they wish it or not.

War refugees relocate to the United States in number. Some years and areas show patterns of certain types of refugees. Other blogs have cited Polish, Serbian, Russian entries post war in number, some to these general areas. Parents might be deceased as a result of war, or may have remained in an area, sending a child on to school or work in another country. Or the child may be of an age to choose, independent of the parent. See prior information. This is a more recent data link, but often these reports use older data. Refugee resettlement

Religion or Faith is an identity or issue , given the Brown Scapular?

A) Recall it is a sacrament, blessed and given by a priest, these are used heavily in the Anglican church, and can be granted by Catholic, Episcopal or Lutheran. Where are the Catholic Church Families? Was she or her family or her relocating community in the USA a Catholic? Catholicism prevalence by state EPISCOPALIAN Church Families? in the USA in 2000 Where are the LUTHERAN Church Families in the USA?

B.) Was the Brown Scapular RJD? or is there any, any chance it is a crime calling card from a known or unknown perpetrator? Sending authorship, sentiment or curse?

C.) Could it be some evidence of pushing against religion? Here's a very remote question, but about 6 hours away from where RJD found, there once was an FBI inquiry into a ring practicing what some questioned to be satanic ritual or ritualized abuse. Jordan, Minnesota. See what there is to see.... no exact links.....

Some issue comes up in the family, that they or the community is not willing to accept or has no method to deal with. Parent with AID/HIV, ill parent who is dying. Parent wants to marry and spouse dislikes the child. Abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse.

Issues of gender ... young person comes out as Gay Lesbian Bi or Transgender and parent or community or religious community rejects the person. Wisconsin, BTW is a DOMA supporting state..... But see this, in an attempt to cull a formal article on coming out ages..... no formal source for the USA comes on.

GLBT youth more likely to be harassed by peers, victims of violent assault(s) and to be thrown out of the house by their parents. DISOWNED BY THEIR PARENTS

Continuing on with this same research link, GLBT youth LGBT students (61.1%) were more likely than their non-LGBT peers to feel unsafe or uncomfortable as a result of their sexual orientation in academic or social environments. GLBT youth and young adults are at increased risk for suicidality, risk taking sexually, drugs, alcohol, especially if parents are rejecting at moderate or high levels.

Some parents are flat out full on rolling on the deadbeat. They leave, do nothing or merely cannot be found.

Some parents are dead, for various reasons. One or both. Some kids only ever know one parent. see page 20, part 7. Kids who have dead parents do things differently.

These items are food for thought, more than any exacting answer in an attempt to jog memories, invite consideration and help processes such as finding families have an increased rapid and effective, efficient scope bringing these cases to a close for the finders and the families who lost their loved ones. Solving those questions would invite legal resolutions as well, and possible justice for the lot.

This is not legal advice, professional assessment or any attempt to replicate an investigation. Public comprehension of possible paths of understanding and solving such crimes is much needed to improve policy, custom and law for victims of violence, bullying, human trafficking and untimely death due to human rights violations and hate crimes.


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