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Amazing secrets: Norming the health profile of the found Racine Jane Doe Part 7

When will Racine Jane Doe picture get clearer?
RJD FB page, photoshopped

Time to look again at the currently shared health traits for Racine Jane Doe. Understand that the report regarding exhumation began in October 2013 and finally, it will return a more exacting view, perhaps adjusting or eliminating what had been shared before, or adding new things. This article will consider the shared health profile of RJD by trying to highlight and compare it... norm it

Was this a case of some interpersonal situation gone awry? Or is there any chance this is affiliated to other murders? An accident? Domestic incident? Hard to say, but there are some clues in hindsight, that may not have been clear before. Think Monday morning quarterback.

"Two may talk together under the same roof for many years and never really meet." Mary Catherwood, excerpted from The Promise of a New Day, Hazelden.

Who is Racine Jane Doe?

One of the problem of trying to pull comparative information on a case like this that the US government was really not collecting data on some of these topics. See this is about firearm deaths and IS from that time frame. What follows hits on some hot spots given or considered in youth death in the USA.

So, understanding that RJD being killed possibly as a 15 year old in July is not all that unusual. Apparently, people 15-24 are the most likely group in the US to be homicided, males as victim more often than female. July is one of those magic months when it might be more likely to happen. Death in a house is first, but death on a road is second. This paper is a bit confusing, but basically it indicates in 50 pages that only some states have participated in this data collection, Wisconsin is one, and they began entering data at various intervals. It is enough information to continue to orient the reader to possible circumstances for RJD

It appears people of Racine have memorized what they have been told about RJD, and can recite as if she were their own family member. Which is actually pretty admirable. Local blogs show dialogue, where some suggestions have been directly dismissed by law enforcement, but really it is hard for the general public to discern just what a single trait might be..... and considering not only that person, but how does it norm or match against other people close by or far away... across the planet. THAT is why you want this guy that is the anthropologically focused medical examiner, 'cause that is what he does.

When did RJD die? PRIOR to being dropped at the edge of the cornfield and was dead prior to being put there was established, apparently within 24 hours. RAIN the night before she was discovered, apparently reduced but did not eliminate evidence. That doesn't indicate WHERE she died, in or out of the state of Wisconsin.

That RJD died with a final head injury, single blunt object blow to the head was an act, but not necessarily the cause of death.

So there were a series of things noted that were present by the time she died, and those appear to be the top of head injury, the repetitive blows to the RIGHT ear, and then the numerous burns on the skin. There is no indication of any congenital deformity or traits...... such as one might find with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which would ... in terms of the ear, been a bi-lateral ( both ear) issue. The absence of information like what hands look like could be helpful in answering this question. Traits, would be regarding some of such things, not all. Most diagnoses given on a spectrum, this link shows, 1-5, with 5 symptoms matching being most serious.

The body of RJD showed evidence of sexual assault, but what that was was unclear. Sexual activity would be one set of descriptors. Sex assault is a completely different body of data..... so it can be assumed penetrations, but what or how many are not indicated. Were there tears, use of objects, force or multiple assailants and multiple orifices... each returns different results.

There is an absence of information about toxicology and pathology in general public reports. Presence of alcohol, prescription medications, street drugs or chemicals and at what levels if so. What was in her blood, urine, stomach? On her skin, clothes, hair?

There has been no indication of whether this case is suspected to be a person on person crime, or group assault on this one victim. Even in that, there is no indication if the assailant was a male or female, relative, friend or stranger. OR if this child was abused prior, and this was new abuse... again the comment that she "may have been tortured for as much as a month" is really the only thing standing. Certainly it is possible there was no prior abuse, or sexual contact which brings on another set of questions about the nature of the infractions, intensity and severity of assault acts.

RJD had a broken or seemingly broken right arm, as indicated by the position of the arm upon discovery. There is no indication of whether it was a socket issue, where the arm connects to the shoulder, or a joint issue, regarding the elbow or if it was a fracture intact, or compound fracture. Each of those types of breaks is different, and would have different causality. Arm or other limb distortions are not unusual in Cerebral Palsy, which causes muscle spasms and draws limbs in odd, but specific directions out of use. Noting that people who have disabilities may have difficulty with hygiene issues, like brushing their teeth. Again, CP have slack face or drawn face or jaw due to lack of muscle controls, this can contribute to the ability to close a mouth, hence issues with facial, jaw and dental growth. There is no information on CP as a diagnosis effecting height.... RJD was 5'8" and very thin. There was no revelation shared about her muscle status..... and the declines noted would be odd in only a month. News accounts noted as many as 100 women profiled as missing with FBI and state listings, had short blonde hair, and double pierced ears in the general age group.

The words torture were used regularly by the public, but were they used by law enforcement or medical examiners?

SKIN: The presence of sores from being burned, spanned a good bit if RJD body apparently. Her face and neck are absent burns, and her hair is intact? Hard to tell from the photos..... but the question is if those were from an accident and cover areas indicating that, or if they were inflicted over a large area or at specific points. The burns were in various stages of healing. THOSE failed to heal sores may have been the source of an infectious process, loss of blood or loss of body fluids. Burns obviously compromise the integrity of the skin. Skin being the sack that holds all humans together. Status of these burns were indicated as a CORE reason for her death.

Overall body status: Being malnourished ... and again for about a month.... seems to point to a single frame of time, like May to June or June to July, not extensive missed meals or poor eating habits or even anorexia.... which shows traits of dental decay in severity second to stomach bile dissolving teeth second to forced vomiting. Anorexia is a mental health problem, with significant if not severe medical symptoms.

RJD was taller than the average American female....

Indigenous/AmericanIndian/NativeAmerican women, 1000 are missing or murdered.

Teeth are the most likely thing within a body to show a deformity, whether weakness in dental enamel (pitting) or malformed or misalligned teeth. ( malcollusion.)

US health map for dental health basically says that Wisconsin has pretty good, if not excellent dental health. So to see a young person with dilapidated teeth indeed may mean she has no connection to the immediate state.

War and teeth would cause limited access or no access to professional dental services, but also to tools like toothpaste, toothbrush and water. Poverty is the same, people who make 10$ or less an hour may not have money for hygiene or effective hygiene products, life long... much less access to regular dentist visits. Homelessness prevents keeping a toothbrush handy, if you have one.

Dental records Absence of records of valid dental xrays or dental impressions. Also, a person who has such poor dental health, would probably be absent a dentist with valid identifying x-rays or dental impressions. This dental identification service was new in 1999. and now, includes a survey for dental patterns, dna and more to profile a child.

Genetic or other predispositions Some genetic affiliations might have more problems with dental health than others, by core trait or lack of access to or use of dental services. Oregon Native American teens more dental decay.

RJD had not had orthodontics, but that too can cause minor or major dental infractions .

The role of drugs and teeth Methamphetamine would have been "hatching" about this time on the middle America drug scene. It has some specfic effects on dental health, weight and food absorption. Meth mouth, dental article

Who was using Meth in 1999? Think meth is out of range for a possible 15 year old? Think again. US federal health related drug surveys note starting as early as 12.

Meth labs (later data)

Where is the problem of meth now? clustered drug use and sales

Meth use can cause skin integrity problems. It can also cause burns, during manufacture. Meth burns,

This emergency room had to close and decontaminate after unwittingly receiving a meth lab explosion victim. The ER was told the person was in an ATV accident, but the residue from skin, hair and clothes became a risk for anyone in the ER, staff patients or waiting loved ones.

This person broke his arm after a meth lab exploded. broken arm from meth lab fire. Could the RJD arm and burns be from a meth lab incident? That would surely be a secret.... having tools for manufacture, making, selling or using meth was and continues to be illegal.

Could the RJD arm and skin burns be from a vehicle accident or other household accident or were

Terms used in the first round of autopsy indicate torture, so still it appears one or more aggressors, over 30 days. Age, sex, gender or motivations of the perpetrator(s) unknown.

This article on HIGHWAY related kidnappings and serial killers connected to bodies found on highways is relevant?

With the incidence of teen runaways who get involved in human trafficking or porn as early as 24 hours after leaving their situation.....this increases the possibility of duplication of a scenario like the ones reported in this article.

3 things this article notes ONE is that it is being tracked as a pattern by law enforcement and communities that serve trucking routes.

TWO is that some trucking companies have GPS on their trucks or employee's trucks and KNOW if their staffer presents as a suspect or as present to an area in question and they volunteer the data to solve the problem.

THREE groups like TATkyllas are pretty invested in calling out their peers. They are active on social media, like TWITTER and have meetings, education and other resources that have genuinely expanded eyes and ears on situations that the general public might not have awareness of or cover miles others many not. TATKyllas trainings have been adopted by 22 European countries as a standard.

FOUR Law enforcement and other investigative or protective groups indicate the importance of not hyperfocusing on truckers as "bad guys, but the point that many serial killers have been or are truckers is not lost on these groups. Or that people being trafficked are being filmed by truckers for their own use/sold as porn, or as pimp for a prostitute offering her services or person to another trucker or john.( Recall the prior article reference as early as 1981 Cinda Pallet was allegedly passed to another man after being abducted by one man who was a trucker. He was unsuccessfully accused of killing her friend and a number of other youth.... and later convicted of being a serial killer in another state.)

What other groups likely to be profiled as serial killers, or if certain types of drivers or selected routes is also something to consider.

RJD has her own detective managing the case who is available through the Racine Police Department. It is a female. In a case like this there is some passing of information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and that group will contact ICEgov or DHSgov who deal in issues of missing persons, sex trafficking etc.

This writer continues to hold that information clarified to the public, like the above would be helpful.

REQUEST: Investigative information is released according to some profile of investigations, probably controlled by each state.

First Klaas Kids has noted the benefit of sharing information like telephone pings.... when an investigation involves finding a missing person. Regional discrepancies in rules or permissiveness can effect success or failure in community organized searches by volunteers. SO who has a right to ask for information on a missing person, child or adult. There is no indication, at least not so far, that this existed with this found person. Perhaps as the case gets worked backwards, more data like this will show itself as a possibility.

Second Also, it seems benign 14 years later, to share a photograph of this child's hands and feet. People have very distinctive hand and foot shapes, and surely these would be recognizable, perhaps over other body parts.... like faces which may be distorted in death. Not finger or foot prints, which are minute or exacting, but an overview shot of hands and feet might jog a memory or help a family claim based upon the limited change death would bring? People recognize things like this, and maybe it could be offered as as second string public call for identification. Any things like this that might allow a family a way to organize what they are seeing and convert that into a yes or no in expedited claiming of a loved one.

Here is Wisconsin sexual assault response team. Looks comprehensive and user friendly. It doesn't list how one does a SANE exam on a dead person, so I would assume that they never opened care for her, and probably have been in on community team triages to understand and solve this case. IT is not clear, from most cases and this is no exception, if RJD has her own casemanager from this group. Who is adovcating for a dead girl? Then or now.

Is there a worker assigned from HHS in Wisconsin? RJD "aged out", so and she was dead when they met her, but who decides the rights of kids who are missing, kidnapped or murdered when any or so many details missing? Can a dead person held in reverence go from being a vulnerable dead child, to vulnerable dead adult? Who tracks this stuff... anyone besides the police? NCMEC and KlaasKids assign case managers for such cases and follow the case until it is solved/closed/recovered outside systems.

The best thing about the Racine Jane Doe case, is apparently many people began calling about her case when the community decided to exhume her. So despite any published reports, there is every indication the public is offering possible clues, which could solve her case, or help locate or solve other like cases.

Someone knows who she is. Someone knows where she was a month before her death.

See something say something is apparently familiar more to people on the EAST coast.

This article is 7th in a series on Racine Jane Doe, who is just one person unidentified who died on American soil of unnatural causes. part 4

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