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Amazing secrets: Marginalization of missing kids and the unidentified Part 5

Lift up the missing, marginalized or not read this series on Amazing Secrets to understand what else missing
Lift up the missing, marginalized or not read this series on Amazing Secrets to understand what else missing
HOPE missing persons page

1.) "Not pretty", 2.) "Gratuitous", 3.) "Shocking".

Were some responses to the accompanying morgue photo of #RacineJaneDoe which has been previously circulated and to date is the only exisiting, complete facial photo of this person, found in 1999 in Racine, Wisconsin, a small town outside Milwalkee, Wisconsin.

1.) YES, 2.) No, 3.) YES. Would be this writer's response to initial feedback about sharing the photo the 4th article in this series. Here is the prior series from this author. It is imperative for the public to understand these cases solved and unsolved, in order to better plan and care for our children worldwide in policy, custom and law.

Just remember if you are reading this and it is offensive, it HAPPENED to that one victim, and THEIR family, THEIR friends, THEIR community... and most likely they were alone with the offender, or offenders. The "IckFactor" exists, but that is a separate, earlier article.

Violent crime against children, youth and young adults has been gaining momentum since the late 1990's, and human trafficking and sexual assaults are a reality.

How about marginalized as a term to understand and teach....#RJD Marginalization in general means living on the edge of things, because of who you are, or where you are from.

Other questions that arise are in marginalization are:

Racism, Was RJD "completely" white, or is she possibly bi-racial or Native American?

Classism, What was RJD status in life? Where she hailed from might add to this illustration. For now, hold it as a question.

Sexism. or Was RJD possibly a lesbian, bi or transgendered youth?

Religious persecution. Was RJD a devout religious person. Was she believed to be on the outs of religious practice? Was the Scapular hers, or was it some version of a calling card on the crime as a message or warning.... or both. It was tied to her wrist by someone. But this clue, was omitted from public sharing when the case had previously been reviewed, and only released after the process of exhumation and case re-evaluation began in October 2013.

Some kids who are missing, kidnapped, sex trafficked or unidentified murdered or of celebrated or regretful solved cases were not marginalized, or at least not obviously so.

Polly Klaas,

Elizabeth Smart,

Anne J Hill,

Ohio found girls.

Ben Needham

Madeline McCann

Bryce Laspisas

Cinda Pallett and Charlotte Kinsey and

The above kids are not identified as marginalized at the time of the exact or possible crime against them, and were not pegged to be at risk for what happened to them. NOT Marginalized.

A significant trait of all those unmarginalized kids above..... , is that they had/have identified parents, who spoke English fluently, who have basic education, who are employed, who were living normal if not very normal lives at the point the child or youth "went missing" . Most of these kids had someone actively looking for them from day one, some connect readily to supports or provided rewards for the discovery of information and return of their family member.

Currently, there is an absence of this information on #RacineJaneDoe, but ongoingly people ask "Where are her PARENTS?!" This series of articles informally works towards better understanding the range of possible answers to the question of who she is, and where she may be from, and who are her parents, or now possibly surviving family. The Racine Police Department is in an actively reopened case, having exhumed RJD in October 2013.

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