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Amazing secrets: Doctor WHO? Exhumation on for Racine Jane Doe!

Racine Jane Doe has a swollen face, broken nose and visible burns
Racine Jane Doe has a swollen face, broken nose and visible burns
WISCONSIN Medical Examiner photoshopped to black and white.

Back to this armchair assessment of Racine Jane Doe and other missing or murdered kids unsolved. Here are the 3 preceding articles, if perhaps reference is needed, or the reader wants to get up to speed. Racine Jane Doe has been dead for 14 years, and noone has claimed her anywhere in the world. This series looks at ways to increase her visibility and improve the chances of her being claimed, and the problems of her case solved.. hopefully with dignity and justice in solutions.

Reckon most people would prefer that this article not start with that Oklahoma failed execution, but here goes.

Failed Execution as an illustration of the importance of planning, exactness and back up planning.

The recent failed execution in Oklahoma was reported that the killer had died from improper administration of the drug cocktail used to execute him. The report was that the phlebotomist ( the person who inserts needles for administration of medications) had finally found a vein in his groin, and then that vein compromised ( collapsed) during the process of the dosed drugs.

And there have been discussions of whether the selected spot was in the crotch area, 'cause that is in that region, with the genitalia or if it was UP from there, on down the leg.... given that description. Emotions high on this mans death.... the issue a hot spot.

So, using that as an example, see the map of veins, in blue, arteries in red. and just where do YOU think the vein was inserted, given that verbal descriptions with news releases from observers at the event?

The actual groin stretches from the "bottom of the belly, to the top of the legs" on sports site identified medical descriptors. So just above and just below the skin fold of the legs,

See this medical frame for reference of WHERE is the most common "femoral vein" insertion.

That said, words matter. Later, corrective reports appeared to place the needle as the preceding vein location. Point of view is trendy, where point of fact is necessary for understanding issues like the above decisions, deemed inhumane, and a Human Rights Violation, now under investigation. Watch to see where the investigators note the needlestick and failed vein to be. What is being said about what is going on? And what is the difference between what the reader thought it was and what it turns out to be? Critical thought and discernment are part of what has to happen to acknowledge variables and make decisions.

There are various types of critical thought, methods to weigh information and be discerning... CHOOSY... what does your method get you?,, also known as disambiguation,
Interpretive analysis
Critical analysis which has it's origins

But back to our story. Racine Jane Doe exhumation

So there was a first crime scene, and first autopsy, all documented and filed. Racine Jane Doe buried, and somehow her name came up for the option of revisiting the case. This requires law enforcement, court and an examiner to agree to do this. And typically, someone has to pay for it.

So Racine Jane Doe was exhumed , and she has been turned over to a medical examiner from Georgia, who apparently volunteered and likes a puzzle. This person began work in October 2013, and at the time of released information, apparently a large number of calls, inquiries and information were pushed forward even then about her possible identity.

Law enforcement exact goal is to learn where she was from

The news report I saw, showed law enforcement stating "after this autopsy, we should know where Racine Jane Doe was born, where she lived and more about how she died.". Ultimately to find her amongst world wide missing and roll the case to closure.

Emergence of an forensic medical expert, is it one of these?

A logical guess, is this gentleman. . But noone has confirmed he is the consultant. It may be because he is an expert on a highprofile unsolved case, that he is not able to be revealed until there is a trial and he testifies. Whomever this person is, reportedly offered services for free to Racine Jane Doe.

What is that?

An anthropologist who is a medical examiner. So a person, trained as a physician got special training to do pathology, forensics and anthropology typically in separate coursed of study, but possibly in intertwining studies. This dude, studies bodies, whole or bits and pieces... and places them more in time, space, circumstance and on the planet, than other medical examiners can or might.

Say that again? Here YOU figure it out detective:

Take this 20 question quiz from the Discover Channel and see what you know about a forensic anthropologist ( this person would not be a medical examiner too, only a doctoral degree in anthropology in this quiz, FYI) The quiz answers your questions as you go, and you can retake if you are perturbed by your score. You can RT this article with your score.... #FindRacineJaneDoe

What Racine Jane Doe appears to be getting?

So, a forensic medical examiner, would be a medical doctor who got additional training in forensic medical examinations and who either already had anthropology under their belt or got that training too.

So besides specialized tools and scientific reasoning ( point of fact) for examining the most minute of details, this guy also has what is called a transdisciplinary view, where as with another famous scientist, Jared Diamond, (,_Germs,_and_Steel ) he tries to understand and tell the story of people who no longer have the ability to tell their own story. ( highly refined point of view) Dr. Snow has solved a number of solo cold cases, and has dealt with war sites and mass graves, delineating persons whose remains may have been mixed up with many others... he sorted whose stuff was whose and reconstituted a "self" for each set of grieving relatives to funeralize or for governments to define and register as deceased and by what methods.

Why would you want it?

Just below this is a link from his page, which explains what a forensic anthropologist might offer. What he notes is that often the unidentified missing person, has evidence, but it has been miscategorized or otherwise misdocumented, and this leads to impossibility of match in series of found persons, or listed missing persons, most often. So documentation of inbound reports, collected data and how that data is organized matters greatly. Over time, forensics have used guessing, and other things that are absent test-retest options with accuracy.

What most commonly causes errors in forensic identifications?

"If the remains are found to be human and forensically significant, Dr. Snow then determines the biological profile, which includes the sex, ancestry, age at death, and physical stature of the individual. The biological profile of the deceased is then disseminated to law enforcement agencies for comparison to missing persons. ++++ Dr. Snow has found that many human remains are unidentified because of an inaccurate assessment of sex, ancestry, or age."

Forensic anthropologists, who are often used instead of forensic anthropologist medical examiners, have less education, but are unlicensed, and may have limited rules under which to function. "However, forensic anthropologists should be cognizant of which statistics are reported and their subtle differences in order to correctly evaluate methods and interpret age-estimation" results

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