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‘Amazing Race’ spoilers: In Sri Lanka fishing for clues is hard on teams

There is a smell of a fish fry in the air for viewers who will be watching “The Amazing Race” on Sunday night. The race that travels the world continues and fans are privileged to see the sights around the globe as the teams compete. This “The Amazing Race” spoiler offers a look at the race leg aired on CBS for March 23, fans who don’t want to know the details should turn away now. According to Mercury News, the reality show is one of the many good choices for television on Sunday night.

In the episode “Can’t Make Fish Bite,” the teams are tasked to hit the waters for a fish or two. This week in Sri Lanka, the fishing looks easy, but it appears that some teams are on the hook when it comes to catching a clue.

After last week when Brendon and Rachel came in last the viewers held their breath on whether they might be eliminated. Thankfully the team gets to survive one more week, but not without having an extra task to do as they have to earn their position back. Many viewers think this is the end of the road for the pair as they don’t seem as committed as some of the other contestants.

Either way, the viewers are going to once again get a view of the beauty of the world. Colombo, is the largest city and the commercial, industrial, cultural and capital of Sri Lanka. Folks watching in America get to tour the place without leaving the comfort of their own home!

“The Amazing Race” returns to CBS for the next leg of the journey on Sunday night at 8 p.m.

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