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‘Amazing Race’: Laurence and Zac Sunderland explain what really went wrong

Laurence and Zac Sunderland, "The Amazing Race" season 19
Laurence and Zac Sunderland, "The Amazing Race" season 19

Father and son Laurence and Zac Sunderland said it was several factors that led to their elimination from “The Amazing Race” season 19, not just being U-turned or getting lost in Copenhagen, Denmark, as most viewers may believe.

In addition to the dreaded U-turn, which came courtesy of competitors Bill and Cathi, and the team’s scenic route to the pit stop, Laurence said losing the their three-and-a-half-hour lead because the location of the next challenge wasn’t open until morning and a tough time during the Road Block led to the end of the team’s around-the-world journey.

“It was crazy to go from being in the very front to fighting for last and not really knowing what place you were gonna come in after being lost,” said Zac, adding that the team realized about 100 yards from the pit stop that they were last due to the other teams’ cars already being in their designated parking spots.

And while Zac held out some hope of still being in the game (prior to seeing the cars that is), Laurence said he was not surprised to arrive on the mat last.

“We would’ve both rathered a different result,” Laurence said, with Zac adding the team was happy to have given it all they could.

Of course, most viewers know this wasn’t Zac’s first worldwide journey, as Zac holds the world record for the youngest person to sail around the world alone – a titled he earned when he was only 16. So, which was more difficult – sailing alone or racing with his father?

“’The Amazing Race’ was awesome, but at the same time it’s very planned out; you can’t really hurt yourself on it. You get thrown in there, and you get to try to use all your skills to make it happen.”

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