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'Amazing Race' 24 spoilers spill as season 23 winners Amy and Jason talk travel

"The Amazing Race" 24 spoilers have started to spill on Feb. 4 in advance of the season with Enstarz revealing the all-star teams that were chosen to compete.

'Amazing Race' winners Jay and Amy travel around the world
The Amazing Race/CBS

Meanwhile, last year's contestants Amy Diaz and Jason Case were victorious at the end of season 23 while competing on the jet-lag enduring reality show.

Happily, the real life couple (she's a former Miss Rhode Island, he's a snow plow company owner and so very busy this winter) took the $1 million grand prize in Dec. and are now making future travel plans.

With that in mind, Examiner exclusively talked to the pair about journeys past and future. In return, we found out a lot about this traveling duo who are definitely dynamic.

Here's what "The Amazing Race" winners Amy and Jason had to say in a Q&A conducted by me for Examiner:

Examiner: From a travel point of view, which "Amazing Race" destination was your favorite?

Jason: I really enjoyed Lisbon, Portugal. It has a lot of history and some breathtaking scenery. Being in the city of Lisbon places you back in time with the cobblestone streets, old trolley cars, and the coach museum. We also had an opportunity to see a famous castle at the pit stop which was awesome.

Amy: I also loved Portugal, but I've been a huge fan of "The Sound of Music" so being in Austria and having the opportunity to sing there (during the Roadblock) was very special for me.

Examiner: What were the most valuable cultural aspects of the different destinations you visited that stood out?

Jason: I was really impressed with how many people spoke English in every country we visited. We always found someone that was willing to help us everywhere we went. At the pit stop during the Norway leg at the Viking Longhouse we had a chance to indulge in some Viking cuisine cooked in a cauldron over a fire. It really took us you back in time, and yes the food was great!

Examiner: Where will you go next?

Amy: We will definitely be taking the Travelocity trip we won to Cancun, Mexico! We also plan to return to Portugal this summer, and since we didn't get to go on "The Sound of Music" tour while in Austria, we must go back and do that!

Jason: The race opened my eyes to the world and changed my point of view on travel. There are so many places to see and experience. Amy and I would like to visit the teams in their home towns as well as do some traveling. I would say the next stop may be a more relaxing atmosphere maybe a tropical location.

Examiner: Would you like to compete on any reality shows in the future?

Jason: "The Amazing Race" was certainly a highlight in my life, and if the opportunity was there to do it again, no question would I be up for the challenge. Maybe an "All-Winners" season is needed. I would certainly consider other reality show opportunities as well.

Amy: I am open to exploring opportunities if they come our way.

Examiner: Do you have a bucket list for travel destinations?

Amy: I have a great passion for traveling, and fortunately I have traveled to 28 countries but I have yet to visit a couple of other continents; therefore, I must plan trips to Africa and Australia in the near future.

Jason: The bucket list has just started, however it seems the more traveled I become the more places that get added to the list. The bucket list is to visit every continent, so I have Africa, Antarctica, and Australia left. After that I will get more specific.

Examiner: Was there any destination on your "Amazing Race" trip that you had visited before?

Jason: Every destination we visited was a first for me.

Amy: Although I traveled to nearby countries, I never visited any of the countries we traveled to during The Race.

Examiner: Was there a language you heard in the native country that you want to learn now that you've been there?

Amy: I've always wanted to learn Portuguese. I speak Spanish and although Portuguese is very similar, it sounds much more romantic and lively to me.

Jason: Great question. Not being able to communicate was an issue for me. Spanish is a language I would like to brush up on.

Examiner: What other travel plans are on your radar?

Jason: Well, of course we won a trip to Cancun so I am excited for that. Afterwards I would like to venture back to Europe.

Amy: Yes, what Jason said... add Australasia to his list!

Examiner: Do either of you (or both of you) have any travel tips for sojourners who are setting out for their first international adventure?

Amy: Absolutely- Be respectful! Cultures around the world are different from ours in the USA. We must be respectful and remember we are simply guests in the country and we must behave as one.

Jason: Yes, don't be nervous. The friendlier and more courteous you are the more welcoming people will be. Go to a place where the geography, history, and culture interest you. Don't be afraid to venture outside the touristy destination spots. Sometimes that is where you will find the more interesting spots.

Amy Diaz
"Excellence is the result of caring more than others think wise, risking more than others think safe, dreaming more than others think practical, and expecting more than others think possible.”

And so, as "Amazing Race" 24 spoilers spill as the all-stars season gets ready to begin, "AR" season 23 winners Amy and Jason talk travel, past, present and future.

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