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‘Amazing Race’ 19 recap: Rough start leads to Jennifer and Justin’s elimination

Justin and Jennifer Young, "The Amazing Race"

A rough start in Malawi led to siblings Jennifer and Justin Young being eliminated on Sunday’s episode of “The Amazing Race,” which featured the seven remaining teams delivering fish by bicycle, participating in a dugout canoe race, and carrying luggage and passengers through a local lake.

While they weren’t the only team to have trouble during the week’s Roadblock, no one had more trouble than Jennifer. She made it to the customer with her fish in good time, but she had left the clue with Justin and had no idea how to proceed. She remembered she needed to give her customer’s money to someone but wasn’t sure if that person was near the customer or back at the beginning of the bike ride. It was tough to see her looking lost and confused, unsure of the next step; part of me wanted to shake her and tell her to go back, but I can’t imagine doing any better in such a stressful situation. She spent a while hoping another player would show up and help her, but that was definitely not going to happen – a fact her brother, who was patiently, calmly and optimistically waiting for her, knew due to having watched all of the other teams move on. It was a sad, sad sight.

The massive mistake would’ve sent most teams into a tailspin, but both Jennifer and Justin were calm when she finally returned, with Jennifer apologizing for the mistake and Justin saying he was just happy she wasn’t hurt. Whether Jennifer and Justin knew it, at that point, viewers knew it was over for the pair.

The team’s only hope for survival was the dreaded double U-turn. Unfortunately, unlike in past seasons, only of the U-turns was used – and that one wasn’t even valid because Laurence and Zac U-turned Amani and Marcus, who were ahead of them. It’s a little confusing Laurence and Zac chose Amani and Marcus since the two teams had latterly just bumped elbows, but Laurence mumbled something about hoping they were turned around. Perhaps under all the stress he forgot that you can’t U-turn a team that has already passed the U-turn stop. Very confusing! It’ll be interesting to see if Amani and Marcus find out about the incident and if they chose to retaliate.

This week’s pit stop was an absolute nail-biter. It has to be one of the closest of any season, and it has definitely been the closest of this season. Cindy and Ernie and Andy and Tommy were neck-and-neck running to the finish line, dropping bags and shoving one another along the way, but it was Andy and Tommy who won the $15,000 Discovery gift card – and their fifth first-place finish. Cindy and Ernie were understandably frustrated, especially since they had used their Express Pass to bypass the Detour hoping to get a leg up on the other teams. At least they weren’t last!

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