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Amazing Miami Duo Raffa and Rainer Release "No Mercy"

Raffa (right)  And Rainer (left)
Raffa (right) And Rainer (left)

 One of Miami's most loved acoustic folk duos, Raffa and Rainer, are ready to show the world their brand new album, "No Mercy"

Raffa Jo Harris And Rainer Davies create a truly magical performance.  Raffa serenades her audience with a voice sweeter than that of an angel, while Rainer, who currently teaches guitar at University of Miami, accompanies her beautifully.  Seeing these two perform takes the audience away from reality and feels like a caress of happiness. got the chance to sit down and talk to these young, Miami musicians.

Describe your new album:
Rainer: Our New Album is called No Mercy, we have been working on it for several years.
Raffa: It's very fun, close to 30 musicians worked on it, so it's a big patchwork of songs that have been around for the past three years.
Rainer: The first album we did was just the two of us and a couple afternoons with Nick Kruge.  This album was intentional, we spent a couple years getting big groups of musicians in one little room, setting up one microphone and getting really old fashioned sounding recordings.

How does your creative process work? Who writes the songs?
Rainer: Raffa writes the songs.
Raffa:  I come to Rainer and I say "Hey look what I wrote". Other times,  we'll be playing a gig and I'll say, "Rainer, this is a new one!" and he'll just play along because he's amazing!

Most memorable show so far:
Raffa: We played a gig at a community center where everybody was required to hold hands and hug beforehand! We loved the people and the experience.
Rainer: We played a party in a log cabin on top of a mountain in Georgia once!
Raffa: OH! I forgot about that, I think that was one of the best gigs of all time! We were on tour with Jesse Jackson in 2005, we walked in and there was already bluegrass music going on in every room, little circles, jams, people dancing, and a wild turkey being passed around, it was awesome!

You've been in Miami for so long. Any plans of moving?
Raffa: Rainer's getting itchy.
Rainer: I am getting itchy! I've been here a long time!
Raffa: I've been here longer, Rainer, and I love it! Although, ideally we'd be traveling a lot more.             

What are your favorite venues to perform at in Miami?
Raffa : As hit or miss as it is, I still love Churchill's.  I love playing there when you have the room filled with your people, it's like family. Sweat Records is also the best and people generally really listen at Sweat, because it's such a small venue.
Rainer: Books and Books  and for our last cd release party we did it at Wynwood Social Club, which is really nice because it's like big warehouse.

What do you love about Miami? What would you like to change?
Raffa: The weather. You can go to the beach in January! The music scene is tough because people don't go out to support music. Generally speaking, your average Joe is not going to go see live music, he'll go to the movies or to a sports bar. The scene is made up of artists and musicians who don't have any money to support it.  But there has been a lot of good music that has been coming out of here, Rachel Goodrich, The Jean Marie, ANR. How to change it is to keep on trucking and not move out of Miami.

You can check out Raffa and Rainer at their CD Release Show on March 20th, 8pm, at The Bubble in Fort Lauderdale.


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