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Amazing Janawicz wins three more state tourney titles, just missing 'grand slam'

Vernon Peterson, left, and John Janawicz are state scratch doubles champions for the second straight year.
Vernon Peterson, left, and John Janawicz are state scratch doubles champions for the second straight year.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Even before weekly, unofficial standings are posted on the Florida State Bowling Association's Web site, obtains and publishes up-to-date articles on the tournament, and here is a final wrapup of the 2014 event.]

To put it mildly, John Janawicz of Winter Haven couldn't improve very much on his awesome performances over the past two years in Florida State Bowling Association championship tournament competition.

After blazing to four titles in the eight event categories in the 2013 tourney, the 41-year-old righthander came close to performing a "grand slam" in the four scratch events in the 80th annual event, which concluded a 10-weekend run in Orlando on Sunday (June 29).

According to final, unofficial standings released to on Monday (June 30), Janawicz won scratch titles in all-events (2,294) and singles (817), and for the second year in a row, he teamed with Vernon Peterson for the scratch doubles crown (1,562). And his team -- Lodge Lanes 2 -- fell just 10 pins shy of the scratch team championship.

Lodge Lanes 2 of Orlando -- consisting of Janawicz, Peterson, Scott Newell, Shawn Naumann and John Gaines -- made a strong final-weekend run at the scratch team title, but their 3,492 pinfall wound up second-best to a Palm Beach team called Oregon Ducks (Adam Colton, Rickie Sajek, Mark Booke, Steve Wilson and Paul Koehler) and its 3,502 total.

"The grand slam would have been nice, but we gave it all we had and just came up a little short," Janawicz said. "We collectively bowled very well, but a few of us kind of got caught in transition in that last game, and that's what did us in."

Commenting on his stellar performance, Janawicz added, "I'm still pretty amazed by how the last few years have gone, but it actually has a lot more to do with the team that I bowl with. We communicate well, and we're always trying to help each other out. I bowl with a great group of guys, and I look forward to bowling with them every year."

Impressively, three Lodge Lanes 2 members finished 1-2-3 in scratch all-events. With a 2,254 total, Newell was runner-up to Janawicz' 2,294, while Peterson rounded out a "trifecta" with 2,217.

In the 2014 tournament, the Janawicz-Peterson tandem pounded out a score of 1,603 for the scratch doubles title, and they successfully defended their championship with a 1,562 score. But whereas they also won handicap doubles last year, this time they finished third with 1,580 while first place went to Robert Platz and Jon Blum of Citrus County, who finished with 1,669.

En route to the title, Janawicz pounded out a 799 set on scores of 263, 279 and 257, while Peterson fired a 763 on games of 238, 259 and 266.

"Winning doubles in back-to-back years is amazing, especially with the numbers that we've shot," Janawicz said. " I love bowling with Vernon, and hopefully we'll win an Eagle at Nationals in the next few years."

Peterson echoed similar sentiments, saying, "It's an amazing feeling to win (with Janawicz) again. We talked about winning years ago, and to win two years in a row is still hard to believe. I can't imagine a better partner and friend."

Janawicz' winning scratch singles score of 817 came on games of 299, 248 and 270. He left a final-ball 7-pin to fall short of perfection in Game 1, and his only other non-strikes came on a 4-pin, 10-pin and 9-pin in Game 2, and a 10-pin and a 3-6 spare combination in the final game.

Thomas Slusser of Bradenton posted an early leadership in handicap all-events with 2,363, and the score held up for the remainder of the competition. The other tournament titles went to Victoria Navarro of Spring Hill (857 in handicap singles) and Once Rivals Now Teammates of Tallahassee (3,778 in handicap team).

The tournament's perfect-game total reached 17 with final-weekend 300s rolled by Edgardo Berdeguer of Broward County, Paul Campbell of East Pasco and Emilio Mora of Lakeland.

The final, unofficial top three in each tournament category, plus any Sarasota-Manatee County bowlers in the Top 60:

  • TEAM EVENT HANDICAP: 1, Once Rivals, Now Teammates (Tallahassee) 3,778; 2, James Team (Space Coast) 3,648; 3, Mike's Pro Shop No. 4 (Miami) 3,607. [Sarasota-Manatee entrants: 9th, Fletcher's Bunch 3,523; 10, Friends & Family #4 3,519; 11, Wagler Homes 3,518; 16th, Four Aces 3,494; tie 50th, DJ & Crew 3,419; tie 50th, C&L Awards 3,419.]
  • TEAM EVENT SCRATCH: 1, Oregon Ducks (Palm Beach) 3,502; 2, Lodge Lanes 2 (Orlando) 3,492; 3, Mike's Pro Shop No. 4 (Miami) 3,410.
  • DOUBLES HANDICAP: 1, Robert Platz and Jon Blum (Citrus County) 1,669; 2, Lauren Bland and Mike Mojzak (Orlando) 1,602; 3, Vernon Peterson and John Janawicz (Winter Haven) 1,580. [Sarasota-Manatee entrants: 11th, Tom Slusser and Stephen Gergle (Bradenton) 1,523; tie 20th, Ian Gray and Thomas McTigue (Bradenton) 1,505; 37nd, Ed Swietek and Ed Slusser (Bradenton) 1,479; tie 54th, Renae Gross and Diane Kays (Port Charlotte) 1,462.]
  • DOUBLES SCRATCH: 1, Vernon Peterson and John Janawicz (Winter Haven) 1,562; 2, Craig Montesi and Michael Moore (Orlando) 1,481; 3, Doug Becker and Todd Minotti (Orlando) 1,467.
  • SINGLES HANDICAP: 1, Victoria Navarro (Spring Hill) 857; 2, Anthony Hampton (Ocala) 851; 2, Chris Giacamino (Orlando) 848. [Sarasota-Manatee entrants: tie 15th, Tom Slusser (Bradenton) 818; tie 34th, Curtis Miccichi (Bradenton) 798; tie 47th, Cynthia Territo (Sarasota) 790; 55th, Ronnie Hayes (Bradenton) 786; tie 58th, Darlene Bonds (Sarasota) 784.]
  • SINGLES SCRATCH: 1, John Janawicz (Winter Haven) 817; 2, Jeremy Mooney (Palm Beach) 782; 3, Michael Moscato (Space Coast) 767. [Sarasota-Manatee entrant: tie 22nd, Ronnie Hayes (Bradenton) 730.]
  • ALL-EVENTS HANDICAP: 1, Tom Slusser (Bradenton) 2,363; 2, Lauren Bland (Orlando) 2,349; 3, Angeline Rolle (Port St. Lucie) 2,305. [Sarasota-Manatee entrants: 4th, Darlene Bonds (Sarasota) 2,304; tie 28th, Ed Swietek (Bradenton) 2,244; tie 40th, Preston Willis (Bradenton) 2,224; 44th, Cynthia Territo (Sarasota) 2,218.]
  • ALL-EVENTS SCRATCH: 1, John Janawicz (Winter Haven) 2,294; 2, Scott Newell (DeLand); 3, Vernon Peterson (Winter Haven) 2,217.

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