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Amazing hail video from May 22 storm in Fulton Maryland

Pop-up thunderstorms were expected but the tornado warnings today were a bit of a surprise. Yes, we had a slight risk of severe storms and got our fair share roll through central Maryland with a cold front, including strong winds and hail. Today's fastest wind was 67 mph at Plum Point, which is south of Chesapeake Beach on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Also, large hail covered the ground similar to what Denver just had a day earlier is not the norm around here. But that’s what happened in spots, and was captured on video by many.

Dayton, MD
Dayton, MD
Bill Bird
Hail in Clarksville fell as large ice chunks.
Lynn Wetherell

Check out the clip on the left from Andrew Ellinghaus in Fulton, and thanks to my shout out, I had to pick this one to share. A shout out back to you and Blue Barn Group! Listen as you can hear the pounding grow louder… and even deeper with larger stones. Over 2 minutes you will see him racing from one side of the house to another, and at one point his patio was covered… Faith-in-the-hailstones?


A few more photos can be seen in the slide show. There were two main cells that produced the problems. One was in Cecil County, but the largest one came out of Frederick and moved east along I-70, then dove south of Baltimore and headed strait for Annapolis. That is the cell that produced the first tornado warning, and it did look impressive on radar (see the last image in the slide show). I will follow up with storm reports, and I am sure there will be plenty of wind damage to show with gusts over 60 mph.

The storms themselves did move quickly, around 40 mph, so they didn’t stick around long. But the traffic was long indeed. Not only along the storm path, which is one of the most highly traveled between Washington and Baltimore, but traffic was limited on the Bay Bridge for a short time as the storm passed just south of the double spans.

Did you know?

If you slice open a hailstone, you will see rings, just like a tree stump. Each one represents a full trip up an down inside the clouds encasing a new layer of ice, until it was too heavy and fell to the ground.

Hail Sizes:

  • Pea: ¼”
  • Penny: ¾”
  • Quarter: 1”
  • Golf Ball: 1 ¾”
  • Baseball: 2 ¾”
  • Softball: 4”
  • Grapefruit: 4 ½” (See this article from last May showing that in Texas)

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