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Amazing grit displayed by Jeremy Abbott after horrific fall

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Anyone who has followed Jeremy Abbott’s career had a very good reason to be nervous as he took to the ice today, February 13 for his short program at the Olympic Games.

Jeremy has had both disastrous and phenomenal performances, as his career has been filled with many ups and downs.

At the U.S. Championships Jeremy broke the U.S. record for the highest score in a short program, but then in the short program in the team event at the Olympic Games, only a month later, he struggled immensely, falling on his quadruple toe and singling his triple axel.

As he took to the ice today for the short program, no one was quite sure what they would witness, and it is doubtful that anyone could have predicted the outcome.

Abbott opened with a quadruple toe loop where he was leaning in the air and took a hard fall, crashing into the boards. He laid on the ice doubled over in pain for almost 15 seconds. It seemed almost certain that he would not be getting up after that hard fall. Jeremy finally got to his feet, holding his hip, heard the crowd cheering, and began to skate through the rest of his program.

He skated with more determination and grit than has ever been seen from him before as he completed his program, landing his triple axel and triple lutz-triple toe combination. It was a courageous performance, one that will be talked about for days to come.

“I think my personal story is about perseverance and getting up when you fall," Jeremy Abbott told the media, "Maybe I’m not Olympic champion but I can teach the world that.”

One cannot help but be impressed by Jeremy’s ability to pick up the pieces after that horrendous fall and push himself to finish and not only finish, but finish so well. Though it is not the Olympic moment he was looking for, it was an Olympic moment nonetheless.

Jeremy Abbott's Olympic short program: WATCH