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Amazing Grace Whole Foods

Amazing Grace Whole Foods at 1133 Bardstown Road
Amazing Grace Whole Foods at 1133 Bardstown Road

In honor of "gluten free month," it's necessary to make sure that everyone is aware of this new known need and trend in the American population. Though statistics show only about 1% of the population has Celiac disease - an extreme intolerance to gluten - a USA Today article cited that marketers see 15-25% of consumers want gluten-free products. Read more about this trend in this article.

If you are one of the 1 or 15-25% who is looking for gluten free products in Louisville, a great place to shop is Amazing Grace Whole Foods at 1133 Bardstown Road (near the intersection with Grinstead Drive). The store caters not only to gluten free diet seekers, but also others seeking nutritious food and supplements. 

The gluten free selection is quite large, and the clerk told me that is the number one question/request he hears from customers. All the gluten free food is specially marked with "GF" on the shelf label for easy shopping. A stroll around the store shows that a large selection, possibly more than half, of products do have the "GF" label. 

As for the rest of the selection at Amazing Grace, it is quite thorough though I don't think most will be doing their weekly shopping there. However, for special dietary needs it is certainly the place to go. In addition, if you have the need for a special order, they will happily place it for you and have it there in a timely manner. 

Visit Amazing Grace Whole Foods website for coupons, recipes and more!