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Amazing Grace the musical

Amazing Grace the Musical is based on the song Amazing Grace and the life of the songwriter John Newton. The book based on the life of John Newton was written by Christopher Smith and Arthur Giron. Smith also wrote the lyrics to the music performed in the play. John Newton was born in 1725 in Wapping, London to Elizabeth Nee Scatliff and John Newton Sr.
The story of Newton is a tumultuous one. Newton was forced in the Royal Navy at the age of 18 after being captured while visiting friends. Newton endured many hardships. Newton was given to slave owners for the purpose of providing for the slaves. Newton’s father, a slave trader, hired another slave trader to rescue Newton from captivity.

A musical based on the life of slave trader John Newton turned Christian and abolitionist later in life.
A musical based on the life of slave trader John Newton turned Christian and abolitionist later in life.
Amazing Grace Musical Website
Josh Young, plays starring role of John Newton in Amazing Grace Musical
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During the journey back home to England Newton accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior but did not completely change the ways of the family business of slave trading. It would be several years before Newton would volunteer to become an Abolitionist, a person who assists persons of color trapped in slavery by helping them to obtain their freedom by traveling to a country in which black men and women are considered free in law and action. Newton lived to see England freed in 1807.

Newton married his childhood sweetheart Mary Catlett in 1750 at the St. Margaret Church in Rochester which is pictured in the photos. Smith wrote this musical as a dedication to the end of slavery and celebration of abolition. Present day there are still many people of color around the world still bound by slavery. Amazing Grace will be performed six days a week with matinee shows.
Josh Young plays John Newton and Erin Mackey, plays loves interest and wife Mary Catlett.

What is a musical without great voices to bounce off of for every performance. This the cast of ensemble performers: Marija Abney, Leslie Becker, Sara Brophy, Rheaume Crenshaw, Miquel Edson, Mike Evariste, Sean Ewing, Rachael Ferrera, Savannah Frazier, Christopher Gurr, Abdur-Rahim Jackson, Allen Kendall, Elizabeth Ward Land, Michael Dean Morgan, Oneika Phillips, Clifton Samuels, Gavriel Savit, Dan Sharkey, Bret Shuford, Evan Alexander Smith, Uyoata Udi, Charles E. Wallace, Toni Elizabeth White and Hollie E. Wright.

Tickets starting at $56 each.
Bank of America Theater
18 West Monroe Street, Chicago, Il 60603
Matinees Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 2 p.m.
Tuesday -Friday 7:30 p.m., Saturday 8:00 p.m.

Full cast of Amazing Grace the Musical

Gabriel Barre, Director

Caroyln Rossi Copeland, Producer

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