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Amazing Grace, Dignity at Last for Malaysian Flight 17

Amazing Grace, Dignity at Last for Malaysian Flight 17
Amazing Grace, Dignity at Last for Malaysian Flight 17
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Yesterday some 40 coffins carrying victims of Malaysian Flight 17 arrived in the Netherlands. The King And Queen were there to show their respect and condolences. So to were the families of the 100 plus victims that are Dutch. So to were some tens of thousands of Dutch citizens who lined the streets and roads as the hearses took them to their final destination.

Here is the kicker no one knew who the dead were because they had not been identified yet. These people of the Netherlands opened their hearts to the victims which is more than can be said for the people who shot them down.

The rebel separatists of Eastern Ukraine have denied involvement in the downing of the passenger plane but yesterday they shot down two more Ukrainian government fighter jets.

The rebels shot down Malaysian Flight 17 and after it came down they looted the crash scene. They stripped some of the victims of their clothing and they took their valuables. These rebels are not human for no one soldier of any army is that low.

Enough said of those low life's. The Dutch citizens have shown such great restraint in this tragedy that you have to applaud them. They have every right to be angry as hell but all they really have wanted was to bury their family and friends. Now is the time for mourning. Now is the time to think of all the children who lost their lives for some stupid act of violence. Now is the time to show the dead the dignity that they never received in the fields of Eastern Ukraine.

I did notice one consoling event that took place yesterday and that was when some of the local villagers of the area came out with their priests and prayed over the field of carnage that is now scattered over some nine square miles in Eastern Ukraine. There still may be hope for some of the people in that region of Ukraine. My heart goes out to all the victims of the tragedy. My heart goes out to the country's that lost people on that plane, and my heart goes out to the villagers who showed some respect to the victims. This war that is consuming that small area of Ukraine is not worth the loss of life that has occurred. This idiot that calls himself the Prime Minister of Donetsk, Alexander Borodai, should now be considered a war criminal and when all is said and done be tried and executed. This is a war that has no real base and should not be taking place.

Once again I am so proud of the Nation of the Netherlands in their time of grief. Man they really have class.