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Amazing generosity, from one rescuer to another

One rescuer helps another
Rocky Ridge Refuge

Animal rescue is tough - overwhelming at times. In fact, some days, it can be almost unbearable with the constant need crashing into the inevitable lack of resources

Because rescue work is tough, there always seems to be a it manpower, supplies, or funds.

It is common to see frequent pleas for help - it is common to hear rescuers begging for funds and assistance.

What is not common is seeing one rescuer answer another rescuer's cry for help.

Earlier this week, Lesley Goode Cobb of the non-profit rescue agency, Wishing Well for Paws, voiced her need for assistance on Facebook.

Her plea, in part, read:

Every day I am contacted by a person wanting me to help rescue an animal. I am one of many that are called in a county with no animal control. I am also contacted by individuals that want to pull dogs or cats under my group. I truly try to use wisdom with each case. I direct them to other resources as much as possible.

Sometimes no other soul will help them. I do the best I can to rescue these animals. This past year I have helped with numerous heartworm positive dogs, dogs covered in mange, pregnant cats, cats covered in ringworm, and donkeys that had no other place to go.

Thirteen donkeys, twenty sheep, fifteen cats, and my own three personal dogs reside on my property. Hay, straw, feed, wormer, flea meds, medical attention, and love are given to each animal. Unfortunately due to a very cold winter we have used around 200 bales of hay and dealt with many animals with sickness.

Someone read the plea and quickly answered, much to Cobb's relief and utter amazement.

She wrote:

I am overwhelmed with gratitude tonight to Janice Wolf and her friendship and support. I run a small nonprofit group in Arkansas called Wishing Well for Paws that has thirteen donkeys, twenty sheep, twenty feral cats, three dogs, and a llama.

All were rescued from abusive situations. Each day I am requested to take animals in a county that has no animal control or shelter directors contact me. The bills have been at an all time high this year due to the neglect of animals taken in to my program and the need for extra hay, straw, and food due to such a cold winter. I requested help last night in a post.

I awoke this morning with a donation from Janice. It is literally unheard of for a rescue group to help another rescue group in the south. Janice not only helps animals in her group but others. Her heart is with the animals that are in need. She has encouraged me and brought a smile to my face today. It is rare to see such a selfless person. Janice, I can't thank you enough. I am blessed to know you.

Janice Wolf is, of course, the Janice Wolf of the amazing Rocky Ridge Refuge, in Arkansas.

Wolf cares for her own incredible menagerie of animals and found it within herself to reach out to lend a helping hand to another rescuer in need.

We need more Janice Wolfs in this world.

To lend Cobb's rescue organization a hand you can make a tax deductible donation to the Morrilton Vet Clinic at 501-354-1738 (please designate the funds to Wishing Well for Paws) or via paypal to

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