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Amazing digital artist Samuel Farrand uses local printer to display his art

Just one of Samuel Farrand's amazing digital images
Samuel Farrand

I don't even remember when I first discovered the really cool digital art of Samuel Farrand, but I know it was on Facebook. I think one of my over 1,100 "close, personal friends" there Shared one of Sam's links. I immediately became a fan and Liked his Facebook page probably two years ago, and have really enjoyed following his artistic endeavors.

Samuel Farrand is a international digital artist and graphic designer in New Hampshire. He began creating digital art in 2002, and in 2004 adopted the style that defines his work today. He admittedly has been inspired by artists such as MC Escher, Victor Moscoso and Salvador Dali.

Moving forward two years, I was on the Facebook page of N'Lytn Design, a Clinton Township based company which prints very high quality graphics directly on apparel. I saw that they were displaying photos of t-shirts with Sam Farrand's work on it. What? I wondered whether they were just printing them because they looked really good and showed the detail possible with their Direct To Garment printing process, or maybe they were printing them for Sam.

Turns out they're printing them for Sam. Why? Because no one else seems to have the really high-end printers required to capture the intricacies of his detailed digital art.

Richard Wood, owner of N'Lytn Design said, "Sam Farrand has been partnering with N'Lytn Design to create apparel which feature his very intricate digital artwork. The intricate, vivid quality we get from the very high-end Direct to Garment printers that we use cannot be matched by other processes. So Sam has partnered with us to put his beautiful art on t-shirts and other apparel. It really is beautiful stuff."

If you just take a quick look at Sam's website, you'll immediately see what I'm talking about. Then, once you become a full-blown fan you can go back and explore his story and art. If you want to display it on a fine quality t-shirt and sport one of the coolest pieces of clothing around, you can visit Sam's store and purchase one.

I contacted Sam to inquire about his relationship with N'Lytn Design. "I thought it would be impossible to ever find a way to get my artwork produced on clothing then I learned about N'Lytn Design, a tee shirt printing company which uses the most advanced textile printing on the market. N'Lytn Designs Direct to Garment technology can print on any garment and match exactly what you see on the computer monitor. Brightness is a huge component in my artwork and their DTG printer captures that integral part perfectly. Since August of 2012 I have sold over 300 shirts, the new and returning customers are a testament to N'Lytn Design's unsurpassed quality," he explained.

So, if you'd like to purchase some of Sam's work printed on a tee shirt just visit his online store. They are both amazing works of art and an article of clothing. And if you are in the market to print some quality apparel with your design (or theirs), even if you only need one, make sure you contact N'Lytn Design at 586.294.7710.

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