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Amazing benefits of lemon in the diet

Lemon is good for the body.
Lemon is good for the body.

When you hear the word “lemon”, kids pucker up, men think lemonade, and women think recipes for dinner. So many foods benefit from the flavor of lemon, adding depth of taste to vegetables, meat, fish, and beverages. But lemon is good for the body in more ways than just improving food flavor.

Although lemon is popular for its high concentration of citric acid, the fruit increases the alkalinity of our body. Here is a list of health benefits derived from this wondrous fruit.

1. Lemon contains lots of vitamin C which helps the body in maintaining its immunity power. Taking lemon juice can help you in building up immunity against common cold and cough. It also protects the body from different types of viral diseases.

2. Lemon helps in alkalizing our body. It helps in maintaining the pH balance of our body.

3. Taking lemon juice mixed with warm water can help you in relieving constipation.

4. Lemon juice helps in detoxification by liquefying the bile juice. It also dissolves poisonous wastes and uric acid and helps in eliminating them from our body.

5. Lemon has strong astringent properties. It is used to prepare traditional medicines for gastric troubles. It also aids in protecting our vision.

6. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C which helps in neutralizing free radicals in our body. Thus it protects our body from diseases and aging signs.
7. Lemon is the only anionic food fou

d on this earth. It is made of negatively charged ions. This makes it an essential food that can offer several benefits.

8. Taking lemon juice that has rutin helps in the treatment of certain eye disorders.

9. Lemon contains 22 anti-cancer ingredients. It contains limonene which inhibits the spread of cancer. It also contains flavonol glycosides which curb cell multiplication among cancerous cells.

10. Lemon is effective in killing intestinal worms.

11. Lemon peel contains an active ingredient called tengeretin which helps in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

12. Lemon has strong antibacterial agents that have the potential to kill bacteria that cause diseases like malaria, diphtheria, cholera, typhoid etc.

13. Lemon contains vitamin P which protects the blood vessels.

14. Lemon is also effective in controlling high blood pressure.

15. It is rich in vitamin C when helps in curing scurvy.

16. It contains high concentration of citric acid which has the power to dissolve kidney stones, calcium deposits and gall stones.

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