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Amazing 3D eyelashes you won’t believe: Interview with a Younique rep

Ditch the false eyelashes ladies, throw out your store bought mascara, and never have an eyelash extension applied at the spa/salon thanks to Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. Kim Mandel, a Younique representative, detailed why you’ll never waste your money again in an exclusive interview with the Long Island Spa Treatments Examiner on Thursday.

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes create insanely long eyelashes in seconds.
Deirdre Haggerty

The beauty business of eyelash extensions have exploded at makeup counters, on beauty shelves and as spa treatments in salons over the past few years. If women aren’t purchasing false eyelashes, then they are spending money on lash enhancements or beauty products that claim to grow eyelashes naturally.

The Long Island Spa Treatments Examiner stumbled across a fairly new product, a favorite of Ask the Pro Stylist, through a mutual friend and needed to learn more about this age-defying beauty product. Yes, beauties, full, lengthy eyelashes take years off the face. Since we lose eyelashes naturally as we age, or they gray, this amazing mascara from Younique adds full lashes in seconds as opposed to time spent in the salon, at more than half the cost.

Younique products are all natural, free of carcinogens, parabens, chemicals, talc and gluten, as well as organic, hypoallergenic and cruelty free, never tested on animals. The brand is fairly new to the direct sales business, only a few years old, however the founders are not. The brother and sister team of Derek Maxfield, CEO and Founder, and Melanie Huscroft, Co-Founder and VP Sales and Marketing, have vast experience and used their combined knowledge to create the “first direct sales company to market and sell exclusively via social media.” According to Kim, the New York rep, the beauty brand plans on expanding overseas within the next couple of years to the U.K. and New Zealand.

Kimberly Mandel is a young mother from New York and fell in love with the mascara upon first application. During an exclusive interview with the Long Island Spa Treatments Examiner she detailed the perks of being a Younique rep and had the author sample the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, which she says is the brand’s biggest seller. And it is clear why. Eyelashes “grow” instantaneously, look natural and feel weightless. Best of all, the cutting edge mascara with natural ingredients didn’t smudge all day, even in hot and humid Long Island weather. It’s water resistant, but gets removed with soap and water at night, and is a superior alternative to use as everyday mascara instead of wasting money on fake eyelashes.

The concept is one of the simplest of the direct sales market. There is no need to enter one’s home or host a party at your house: either visit Kim's amazing 3D Lash Party, host a party or become a presenter.

The 3D Fiber Lashes are applied using a layering system; gel first then fibers, then gel again. “You can build your eyes up as big as you’d like to or not,” Kim Mandel told the Long Island Spa Treatments Examiner exclusively. “It’s a better alternative for say the moms that go to work everyday and run errands, or women who want dramatic lashes for the evening or an event instead of fake lashes.”

According to Kim the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes are better for your eyes than fake counterparts. “You’re not ruining your eyelashes. You lose lashes from the glue of false lashes or the application process of costly eyelash extensions, which need to be reapplied every few weeks and it kills your natural eyelashes.”

LISTE: "How long have you been a Younique representative?"

Kim Mandel: "I’ve only been doing this probably about one month now."

LISTE: "How did you become involved with Younique?"

Kim Mandel: "A friend told me about her friend that was selling it. I was in her store one day (Head Over Heelz) and she insisted I try it. I said to myself, ‘for $32, I’ll try it.’ When Nikki put it on my eyes, I was like, ‘whose eyes are those?’

I did a photo shoot for a friend and did my own makeup. The makeup artist flipped over my eyelashes, they thought I had fake eyelashes on. If I had had extras on me, they would have sold within minutes. I went home that day and signed up to become a representative. I believe in the product that much. I love to be around people who use it the first time and watch how amazed they are. I keep extra on hand to sell to friends, acquaintances, etc. to save them the shipping cost."

The Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes are Younique’s bestseller, but according to Kim the beauty brand has a full line of makeup such as the pigment eye shadows, and the natural mineral foundations makeup. If you host your own online party through Kim, hostesses will receive all the benefits that you would if you hosted one at your house. It would run for three, five or seven days, and you get prizes and discounts on makeup based upon your online sales. The Long Island Spa Treatments Examiner highly recommends the mascara, seeing is believing.

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